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Published: 04 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: NueMD Nuesoft Technologies EHR Scam Artist – Unethical Business Practices- Terrible Service- Unauthorized Bank Drafts marrietta, Georgia!!

NueMD is a corrupt entity that needs to be shut down. Over period of time I have caught them billing my business credit card for unauthorized payments, and payments of services never rendered by their company. They try and lock you into long contracts for Electronic medical records and once you sign up and start to use the software it is impossible to take reasonable medical records for patient care. Then before you even start to use the software and you find that it is terrible they have locked you into a year contract and their is no getting out! $800 minimum up to thousands a month even though you do not even use the service. If you use thier billing services they will asign many data entry people to enter claim payments at which errors are frequent and plentiful. The people that enter claims do not post line item but group claims and if claims aren’t paid they just write them off without your permission. Many EOb’s are not even entered for sometimes up to several weeks. If you finally get out of their contracts with some money left in your savings they make it almost impossible to get any old data from your patient base including medical records of patients unless they lock you into another minimum three month contract at which even though it is a three month contract they will continue to drain your account months after that. Avoid this shady company at all costs if you are changing software or moving to a different company! Concerned Doctor

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