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Published: 11 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Owners of company hired me, started to work after doing training, which consisted of cleaning the house and meeting the clients, for 3 hours. I found this job through the employment office. When hired they had informed me that they had to fire their caregiver every month. For theft of meds. I agreed to work not knowing what was ahead. I did a great job at everything, including controlling diet for diabetics, to the point of hardly any insulin needed. They had a bedroom for each of the caregivers to share. What was suspicious was the porch light blew out 2x’s in one month. Then one night i heard someone leaving the house, the door had been locked. Well, anyway, One night the power had gone out, I had lite a couple of candles, but my 96 yr old had gotten up, and fell. no phone service was available, so i had to leave her a go next door to get the owner to assist with helping her up, he did and left. In the morning i had mentioned to the the female owner that she really needed to get a land line. She got irate with me, and went and told her husband, he came over all p—off at me, for telling them how to run their business. I truly was just trying to help. Needless to say their were so many insidences of this type to mention. But the biggest deals of all was when, I was leaving for my 3 days off, and she had came over all mad again, and had slammed my ladies hands, with really bad arthritis, into the kitchen table, she moaned, I had asked her if she was ok, the owner turned to me and yelled,”I’m the owner of this company and I know how to treat them””

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