Officer B. Kudler #07466 of DPS Arizona BAD Cop Ripoff Phoenix Arizona

Officer B. Kudler #07466 of DPS Arizona BAD Cop Ripoff Phoenix Arizona Review 64184

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Published: 09 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

On Sept 1, 2014 I was pulled over by DPS officer B. Kudler badge # 07466 of precinct 0716. I was given a ticket for expired registration which was correct because the registration was expired. My complaint is with the officer’s abusive treatment and unprofessional conduct not becoming of an officer and with the reason for the stop in the first place. I assert I was profiled. First of all, I am a white professional woman (a doctor) who just happens to have dark hair and very tan skin and I was driving an old farm pickup truck that I just began to put into service and then sold to the farm and title work was in progress. The reason for this is because I was in two extremely serious auto accidents which resulted in the total of both of my other two really nice vehicles (a GMC Yukon Denali and a Dodge Ram heavey duty 3 / 4 ton pick up) This is important to the story later. I had gotten the permits and taken the vehicle to emissions and had it fixed and etc. etc. It was insured. (even during most of the time it sat out of use at the mechanics at the farm in case of theft or vandalism). First vehicle was totalled by a 16 year old boy who had his driver’s license only 2 weeks and was talking on his cell phone. Four months later second vehicle was totalled by a teenager or barely 20 something fella who rear ended me at about 55 mph while I was stopped. I used a rental car for 5 months and then started to put the subject vehicle on line. As a result of the two accidents I am quite defensive in my driving and I am always extremely aware of my surroundings. In addition, I was taught by a former son-in-law, a retired Assistant Chief of Police on the Tucson Police Department, now currently a Chief of Police in another Arizona City to always be aware of my surroundings. So it’s a habbit I have had for a long time. I noticed the firetruck on the overpass nearly a half mile away and the ambulance on my right on the frontage road (no sirens on) just about the time I noticed him parked on the side of the road. I had been raised to trust the police and I have respect for them. That is why I am writing this because this one, B. Kudler, is the type to give the rest of the hard-working good officers a bad name. I was very much abused by this n**i officer and I was afraid of him so I put up with what I shouldn’t have and that is what angers me the most. I had to get away from that idiot and respond in this form because I had no way of expressing myself against his abuse alone with him. He had the power to accuse me of anything and he is abusive with power. I first saw his vehicle a good distance ahead of me parked to the right side of the road under the shade of a freeway wall. He was facing the same direction as traffic was moving. I passed him. I was in the second lane from the right with cars on my right in that first lane. Then I saw him come up behind me. He began flashing his lights when he was at a distance so far back that no one could ever see a letter on my license plate let alone notice whether or not there was a current year sticker affixed to the plate and he most certainly could not have seen my license plate from the side of the road as I passed by at 55 mph. I immediately looked at my speedometer and it was dead on the money at 55mph. So why had he selected my vehicle for a stop? I maintain that I was profiled. I perhaps “looked”” hispanic as I passed by him and this old truck stood out because it didn’t have a tailgate and I was the ONLY one driving the speed limit. He could have taken his pick and pulled over 10-20-30 other vehicles for speeding but I was the only one in the vacinity obeying all of the traffic laws. Perhaps

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