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Published: 27 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: OK Auto Carrier I shipped two cars both are damaged they refuse to pay for repair. Both clearly noted with emails and waybill Federal Way Washington!!

I shipped a 2011 BMW 128 and a 2010 Mercedes GLK 350.I had shipped the GLK first. And on reciept I had noticed some scratches that were not on the way bill. I contacted the owner Dan. When I told him I was picking up another car, he asked for the business again. I told Dan I wasnt interested being they scratched the Mercedes to begin with. He said that he would take care of it that it was little and not to worry about it. And sent me an email that said he would handle that for me. I then gave him the oportunity to pick up the other car. That was my first mistake. Of course the second one came in scratched as well. Again not on the way bill. When I told him the BMW came in Damaged as well he said that the trucker picked it up at night time so it waves him of any responsibilty !! and then proceded to tell me he wasnt going to pay for the mercedes now either!!! I then went to his insurance company directly. 2 months later after Dan asked for estimates etc 3 on each car even! and then obviously deciding he wasnt going to pay them anyway. His insurance company said that the deductable for OK auto carrier was $2500 per claim and that it was the responsibilty of the trucking comapny to pay out of theyre own pocket claims under $2500.00 The damage was approx $1000 per vehicle. When I explained to Dan that I was going to sue him in small claims court. He said he would take his chances in court !! FYI dont ever Use OK auto carrier they are underhanded and untrustable. In response I will be sueing OK auto carrier.

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