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Published: 17 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Olshan Olshan Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty Foundation Repair does not mean that your house will be leveled or that they will not cause more damage than what you bargain for. Internet, Internet!!

My husband and I bought a house that had a lifetime Olshan Foundation Warranty. After a year in the home we realized we needed to contact Olshan and have some work done. After a six month battle, we finally managed to arange a date for with them for a re-level/repair work on the home. After re-leveling only part of the covered warranty they managed to leave my home in much worse shape than what it was in before they started. Because they only leveled certain parts of the house (and not the areas that were the lowest) my house did not end up a flat suface. Because it is so uneven, my celing and walls and the floor and walls are detaching. I have half inch gaps between the wall and ceiling, where bugs and spiders are now comming in from the attic and taking over my home. My daughter stepped on a black widow and we are finding spiders in the beds and on the furniture! I have a gaping hole that is about 4ft in leanght that runs across the bottom of the wall (where it has seperated from the floor) in daughters room. Not only can you see daylight through the hole, but it floods the room every time it rains! After hiring a lawyer, Olshan came out and “inspected”” the issues that I am having due to their re-leveling my house. They say that unless I pay more money to level parts of the house that is not covered under the warranty they cannot fix all of the proplems with my house that they have caused.However

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