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Published: 24 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Oxygen8 Communications Limited Steer Clear of a Rip Off Telecomminications & Premium Rate Telephone Line Service Provider in Birmingham UK called Oxygen8 Birmingham Nationwide!!

WARNING:Steer well clear of a company by the name of Oxygen8 see: www.oxygen8.com/uk/ They work in colusion with Square 1 see: www.square1communications.co.uk These two companies are seriously bad companies to deal with.Trust is the basis of all good working relationships, and sometimes even if we have our doubts about the true integrity of people, as decent people we seek to give others a chance amid our doubts. Sometimes when our backs are against the w2all and a similar company has let us down we jump out of the frying pan into the fire believing that hopefully not all such companies are bad people to deal with. We fell into these two categories after Wendy Dove a UK psychic and owner of a premium rate telephone line providing services let us down and breached our trust, leaving us vulnerable to falling prey to another bad lot. We signed up with Square 1 who then told us we needed to have the backing of Oxygen8 to utilize their services by way of a Premium Rate Telephone Line offering life coaching to troubled people wanting 24/7 support from good honest caring professionals, so we signed up with Oxygen8 as well, and the two servives ran side by side one providing the actual phone numbers the other the premium rate line telecoms. In April 2003 after a bogus accountant in Manchester saw fit to dispose of all of our company paperwork and ID documents, bank statements and the like, we were told by Companies House with whom our company was registered to file to have our business struck off or face a u00a35,000 fine for not submitting out accounts to them, the Tax department (HMRC) were levying u00a3200 per month fines against us for not filing tax returns, we were unable to file accounts with either agency after the bogus accountant disposed of the only copies we had of business accounting paperwork. The UK police and fraud team refused to arrest the bogus accountant, despite telling us that he had been to prison for doing the same to many others beforte mus, theft, deception, fraud and violence, because there was no chance of us recovering the paperwork or the money we paid him, give the way this man worked and because of government cuts in spending in the police force. So we advised Oxygen8 of all of this back in April 2013 and told them that we needed to be paid for the work we had done via their premium rate line before Companies House struck off our company so that we could evade the threatened u00a35,000 fine and possible prosecution. Oxygen8 were unsympathetic and used this as an opportunity to avoid paying us. They assured us that they had put us on automatic payments in April 2013 when they hadn’t and as soon as our compamny was struck off at Companies House they told us that they couldn’t pay us as the company had gone. These despicable people mocked us and sniggered at us over the phone when we complained, like imbeciles, They added insult to injury and stooped to the level of the bogus accountant. Several times we tried contacting them and they were conveniently ‘too busy’ to speak to us, we were promised call backs which never materialized, they failed to answer emails we sent them asking for the due payments and then when we set up a new company they had the audacity to refuse us the money we earned from that on their lines because it was under u00a325 in that one month, but they made sure we couldn’t earn anymore oin the line because they blocked it and we sat wondering for a while why no calls had been coming in in response to expensive advertising, then a lady phoned our helpline asking why the premium rate line was endlessly and constantly engaged, so we phoned Oxygen8 the minute a bank holiday without service had passed and we were told that they couldn’t pay us as they had not received a directors guarantee from us, but we didn’t get asked for one, so they then said that they would not switch the line back on until we sent them a directors guarantee by email. Meanwhile we continued losing clients and income. They offered NO compensation. They promised they would switch the line on as soon as they received the directors guarantee but they failed to do this for 2 whole weeks and then when they switched the line back on they refused to pay us for mthe work we did on the line becaause it was under u00a325 for a subsequent month thanks to THEIR own stalling and incompetence, arrogance and serious abuse of our trust. Finally when we were over u00a3125 down they added even more insult to injury when we phoned up to complain again by sniggering like imbeciles on the phone and speaking to us in a rude and audaciously arrogant manner asking “So where would you like to go from here

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