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Published: 30 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Paradigm Real Estate Solutions Sold2U, IncAccelerated Marketing Partners, Patrick E. Burke, Michael Carreno, Toni Burke Abusive Managers Run The Show. Apatheic Owner. Danville California!!

Paradigm Real Estate Solutions is a DBA for Accelerated Marketing Partners, which is a DBA for Sold2U, Inc. This is the worst company I have ever worked for. The management demeans you almost every chance they get. If you voice a complaint about how things are handled or how you are treated, management disagrees with you and says your wrong. You may even be the butt of indirect jokes from Pat Burke, as a passive aggressive dig at you for your complaint. They do this to employees, and to contracted 3rd party workers. He will yell at you, swear at you, get flustered, won’t listen to your ideas even when you’re the expert and have info to back up your professional opinion, you are wrong in his view. Unless you are Michael Carreno and agree with everything Pat Burke has to say, then he will love you for being a yes man. Patrick Burke is an emotional wreck and a child with no sense of professionalism. I have been ignored before for over a week, and had to do my work and deal with him through a intermediary third party at the office because he was mad at me. He must be bi-polar because he can be yelling at you one day, and joking with you the next. It’s very disturbing. Patrick Burke can’t stand the heat as he will get up and walk out without saying anything and won’t come back for days. This is not someone that should be running any company. Behind your back, you might get complimented by management and hear about it from others, but to your face they will act as if you are incompetent, lazy, or worthless. You will not have a single performance review nor hear any compliments on your work, no matter how long you have worked there. Rarely if ever. There is no professional or skills development at this company and no team environment. The only teamwork happens between your co-workers, whereas management will talk down to you. The Presidents wife, Toni Burke works there as well. Doing all the accounting and HR. Conflict of interest there perhaps? There is a 3 day window after the pay period of when you might get paid. It might be on day one, or it might be on day three. But don’t expect to be paid on the same day every pay period. And if you ask questions as to when you will be paid you will be yelled at by his wife, Toni Burke. Want to get sick? Just take time off, but be prepared to be grilled and questioned by Toni for being sick and taking time off because of it. This is a real estate marketing company that doesn’t understand marketing 101 and uses the same tired tactics over and over expecting good results and always fail. They nickel and dime their clients, and will try to scam their way out of paying contractors, or try to finagle a way to pay them as little as possible. They will request work from third party contractors, use it, or use the strategies or information given to them, and then not pay for the work that was done and delivered. They say that they are innovative, but won’t listen to new ideas or methods and give the tired response of “This is the way we’ve always done it.”” They have an online tool that

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