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Published: 06 February 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Paul Shelby Paul Cooley, Billy Barnett Transmission rip off..scam…consumer beware of this company Sylvania, Georgia!!

I bought a transmission through this guy at first he answered his phone and seemed like a legit installer called me saying this transmission was pouring fluid and it wouldn’t pull out of the bay..I called Paul and he stated he had a guy coming up here next week to bring a new transmission..since he seemed to respond i had another truck thats transmission had just gone out and had him send a transmission for that one too…well the second transmission was bad leaks but wouldn’t shift out of 3rd he sent his guy up here to look at it..and his guy even said the transmission had a stuck valve and to drive it 200 miles…never heard of that on a rebuilt transmission and to make matters worse the Ford transmission we had bought was also pouring fluid and not working he won’t answer calls at either location. he sends emails blaming the installers who have been in Auto business for 25 warranty , no customer service, just blames someone else and says sue me…thats his answer to our problem is just sue me…we are out 2500 and still have 2 bad transmissions that we have to get from a LEGIT company ..this guys is a rip off and has no intention of honoring a warranty that he claims on his website..stay clear of this company or you will just be throwing money away…

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