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Published: 24 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

The following letter was sent to Pep Boys coporate Customer Relations Department via e-mail on July 30, 2000 and August 6, 2000. Pep Boys did not respond to either e-mail. As such, a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau on August 8, 2000. The less than surprising result of the Better Business Bureau’s involvement follows the letter. Gentlemen: One more time. I am resending this e-mail with the hope that you’ll actually supply me with an answer. Seventy-two (72) hours is your stated response time – so where’s the response?? Not that it do will any good, but I had to express my deepest and most profound disappointment in the Pep Boys store located in Highlands Ranch, CO. On 02 / 05 / 2000 my step daughter’s car had $751.81 worth of work done – $451.81 after a $300.00 reduction in labor charges – Invoice No. IN1058246. This work consisted of among other things, transmission service, including the replacement of the transmission pan gasket, which by the way we were told had to replaced because there was a danger of fire from the fluid leaking onto the exhaust pipe. On June 30, 2000 my step daughter, her husband and her three (3) year old child ventured forth from Omaha, NB to spend the 4th of July weekend with us. As it happened, they only got as far as Ft. Morgan, CO. They stopped for gas and the car would not engage in drive. So, guess who got the call to rescue them? Jim Vinal, my step son-in-law noticed that transmission fluid was leaking from around the pan seal. He tried adding fluid and let the car sit idle to cool off the transmission, but to no avail. We arrived on the scene 2 1 / 2 hours out of Denver, CO and verified that the transmission fluid was leaking and that the car would not engage in drive. I called the Highlands Ranch, CO store and told them we had a problem. All I got was “it’s out of warranty.”” Much to my dismay

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