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Published: 18 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Pioneer Marketing Solutions Tried to con me into giving them my bank information Miami, Florida!!

Be aware of a new timeshare marketing scam where you are not asked to supply a credit card for an upfront fee but instead they supposively send you sale proceeds minus their cut. They merely ask for your bank account number and routing number to supposively send you the proceeds of the sale. I was contacted by this company and advised that my timeshare had sold and that they were going to pull $1200 out of the sale proceeds for their administrative costs, etc, etc. The new scam was the need for my bank account info to send the supposed sale monies. Having been scammed before, I had many questions to include most importantly why they could not just send a cashier check. The answer was that surely they would not manipulate my account otherwise they would be out of business. After several more minutes of questioning, the individual suddenly said that he had to take his daughter to the dentist and would call back the next day. Needless to say I never got a call back. I presume that I was too knowledgeable/assertive in my questioning and scared them off. As a final note, out of curosity, I checked with my bank (Wells Fargo) about routing numbers. The bank can give you their generic routing number but the danger is that you still have to give out your account number so the bank could transfer the supposed funds into your account and the individual routing numbers are based on region. Thus, if you gave out your account number they could try to make some good guesses at the routing number. As I did not bite, this is only a warning of what appears to be a new scheme to get your money. Good luck!

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