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Published: 26 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I was in the market for a pole building for storage. I located pioneer pole buildings and thought i had found a good company. I went the entire way through the process with them and was ready to contract with them when i realized I was being charged an extra $600 fee because i was more than 150 Miles from them. To be honest i do not mind the fee as I am about 160 miles from them. However with that said on their web site I located a map of their area and on the map it shows the area that pays the extra fee and the area that does not pay the extra fee. i live in the area that does not have to pay the extra fee, as the map on their web site. So as to avoid the same issue as the other complaint about pioneer pole building on this site i decided to contact them first to see if they would make it right as they complained did not happen in their last rip off report. In my conversations with them I told them of the issue. They told me they had just had a meeting about travel and this extra fee, and anyone outside of 150 miles had to pay. I explained to them and showed them the map on their web site. They said they did nto care and it was a mistake that it had not been removed. After leading them to the map on their web site they removed it and told me they would not honor the map even though it was there and i showed it to them. I took a picture of the map and have attached it. I asked the manager to have the owner Bob Green call me becuase he complained that he wa not contacted before the last complaint was filed against him on this site.. Well guess what Bob never called and I have never heard another word from them. Funny how easy it is to be dishonest and falsley advertise when buildings are selling I liked the looks of pioneers buildings but their dishonesty and poor customer service are unacceptable.

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