Platt Valley Auto - Kearney, NE

Platt Valley Auto - Kearney, NE Review

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Published: 12 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Platt Valley Auto – Kearney, NE Platt Valley Auto Mart Todd Booth (owner) “The worst repair experience I have ever had from a dealer” Kearney Nebraska!!

I would not recommend Platt Valley Auto to anyone who wishes to have his/her Ford vehicle repaired there. While visiting family in Nebraska (we’re from California and drove to Nebraska), our truck became disabled and had to be towed to the nearest Ford Dealership. The towing company towed it to Platt Valley Auto and they diagnosed the problem and told us they would get it repaired within a few days. After several days, they called, said it was completed and I went to pick it up. When I arrived the mechanic was underneath it checking on where all the oil was pouring out from it. It ended up staying there another three days for them to re-work what they initially fixed and finally it was completed. I drove it back to California and had my Ford dealer check it over as there was a whining noise and a small oil leak. They checked it and found that during the repair process while at Platt Valley Auto, the technician there left off several bolts to the turbo charger (it’s a turbo diesel truck), mangled the turbo shield, cut a vacuum line that operates the 4 wheel drive system, damaged the intercooler, radiator and air conditioner condenser. The owner of Platt Valley Auto (Todd Booth) refuses to take responsibility and do the right thing and take care of the damage and as such, I filed a complaint with Ford Motor Company against Platt Valley Auto to the point that an Executive Vice President at Ford Corporate Offices in Dearborn, MI contacted Todd Booth on our behalf, since they would not take or return my calls or my dealers calls to them. This just goes to show you how horrible this dealership is operated. Ultimately, I am paying my Ford Dealer to replace all those items that Platt Valley Auto damaged and omitted. I have purchased dozens of vehicles in my lifetime, dealt with many dealerships but have never until now, had such a horrible experience with regards to any vehicle service or repair. I recommend everyone stay away from Todd Booth’s dealerships. They are negligent and unethical.

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