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Published: 17 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Plus Property Management outrageous cleaning fees, poor professionalism, lied about using licensed and bonded individuals Bend, Oregon!!

We used Plus Property Management when we rented a duplex. We lived in the duplex for about two years. The Property Management company was hard to get a hold of and kept unprofessional hours. For example, you had to pay rent on time, but often they were not in the office during business hours (which were posted on the door) so we couldn’t get a receipt. Also they were extremely hard to get a hold of on the phone sometimes.Then, when we moved out they kept all of our deposit and charged us extra. I was shocked because we did not wreck a single thing. We even cleaned the house before we left. I used to be a professional housekeeper, so I know how to do a great job! We did the oven, the tray beneath the fridge, the blinds, etc. We even used a bissell on the carpets. Still, they charged us a $305 carpet cleaning fee (which is standard, but not usually so expensive), a $375 cleaning fee (supposedly it took 15 hours at $25/hr to clean approximately 700 sq ft), a $70 blind cleaning fee, and a $50 maintenance fee. I called and asked for a breakdown of the charges. They couldn’t find my paperwork. I was told they would call back. They didn’t, so I called again and was told the person I needed to talk to was at lunch (at 4:00 in the afternoon)! I then called some of the cleaning people they used and I learned a few very interesting things. First of all, the cleaning person they used was not licensed, bonded, or insured (the property management website says they only use individuals who are). Also, the cleaning person does blinds, but somehow I still had a $70 charge for cleaning blinds from a completely different company. Also, I was charged a $125 fee for deodorizing the carpets. This is apparently done for pets, even though I don’t have ANY pets. I also called around a little and found several professionals who are licensed bonded and insured who charge approximately $10-15/hr or up to $20/hr if the house is really bad. So basically, Plus Property Management did not care about how they spent my money!I am not a person who usually complains so much, but in this instance I was truly shocked. I honestly expected a good deal of my deposit back, and when I got the letter saying I owed $113 I could not believe it. I was not charged for any extras such as wrecked appliances, trashed floors, etc. The general/standard cleaning fees simply totaled almost $800. How is that possible?!Just a warning: DO NOT USE THIS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY!!!!

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