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Published: 17 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Sat., 9 / 3 / 11 I was looking to purchase a 2010 Chrysler T&C van. During the negotiations, the salesman offered the car for $19,998. and a trade for my 2004 Dodge of $2800. I told him that I still had 10 payments left on the Dodge of roughly $2500. Later I found that the actual payoff for the loan was $1150. The salesmen said that Port City would take care of the payoff. Several times I repeated this question and each time he responded the balance would be taken care of.The cost of the car with trade in would be $17,198, plus $25 Title fee and I made a deposit of $2000 bringing the payment to $15,223. This amount was to be the final cost with no additional charges. The salesman then quoted a monthly payment amount to me for 75 months at 5.75%. I wanted to check out other payment options and said so to the salesman and to the Business Mgr but did sign the purchase agreement with a pickup date for Tues. afternoon. Nothing was said that my arranging for a loan would change the purchase price or that I would have to pay off the old loan myself. Repeatedly I asked about the old loan and repeatedly told Port City would take care of it.After I got home, I realized that it was Labor Day Weekend and nothing would be open so I called on Sunday and postponed purchase until Friday. In the meantime, I started researching loan rates. Tuesday morning I received a call from the business manager. When I told him I had found a lower interest rate for the loan, he told me I would have to pay off my 2004 car loan myself or add it to the purchase price of the 2010. I said that completely changed my feelings about the purchase of the vehicle and I wanted to cancel the sale and receive my deposit back. I was told I could not get a refund. I either purchase that vehicle or another at Port City or lose the deposit. According to the contract, the deposit is to compensate the dealer for any losses sustained by them. I do not understand what losses could have occurred: it was a long holiday weekend, the contract was signed late Saturday afternoon, the service department was not working on Sunday, the dealer was closed on Monday and it was now 10 o’clock Tuesday.

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