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Published: 17 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Premier Adjusters Prestige Adjusters, United Adjusters Inc., Adjuster’s Choice Inc., Adjusters United, and 3 other ones. Insurance scam, contractor vendor program scam, Luis Mendez Internet!!

Luis Mendez is an IT person who hides on the internet in order not to get caught. He has been scaming people for years and takes down his website when he is caught and changes his company name over and over again. He tries to hide his IP to mask his scam. I said…tries. He messed with us and we are IT. This is the excat method he uses to scam people. First its with a series of emails then in between a few call pretending he has a board meeting trying to pick you as a preferred vender for your area. He tried to get $2500 from us but what he doesnt know is we back traced him right away and documented everything so we could report him to the justice department and other people in the government. 1. step one Luis Mendez calls you and will record everything you say to use it against you when you try and get a refund from your credit card company. He offers you the chance at a life time vender postion from insurance companies that will give you 10-30 jobs a month. WHen asked to provide proof he represents companies he will not and will avoid giving you any information. 2. Then he sends you an email and this is how his scam unfolds. Email 1. He sends you a contract and Guarantee Premier Adjusters <[email protected]> To: Contractor May 4 at 4:44 PM Contract & Guarantee (I will attach these later in this report) Premier [email protected]ters.bizLinkedInGoogle +Twiter (none of his links worked on his website) 3. You then fill out his forms and send them back to him. He uses this to show the credit card companies he is working with you and this also hinders your refund. So do not fill out the forms. 4. Once he gets the forms he then says he will have a meeting on thursday with other board members which do not exsist. He starts on mondays and tries to close by firday. Its a skit. After the fake board meeting that never happens he calls you back and says you are picked as a vender on a conditional basis. He keeps saying he is a lisenced adjustor but provides no lisence number or even a phyical address he hides behind a po box. Hes not registered with any secratary of state, has no registered agent you can file a law suit too, when asked for a W9 he can not provide one and aviods the issue, and he claims to be in florida. 5. He then sends you two more forms which are credit card forms. He asks for $1500-$2500 and then if you try to get a refund he uses your recorded phone calls to either black mail you or as a way to keep your money. He tries to hide behind the law pretending to be a marketing company but provides no serives; thus deceptive trade practices and theft by deception. 6. Here is the black mail email he sent my company after we exposed him for fraud. Mr. Contractor Having done your due diligence was fine and welcomed but to state that our company is fraudulent is false. We carry all licensing and insurance required by the state and can assure you we are a reputable company. As you may acknowledge anyone can place a negative review online whether it to be false or just misleading, as we can with your company. We have thousands of companies throughout the country that have been on board with our vendor programs that can provide excellent feedback. There is no need to argue with you on filling the position that was presented to your company. We understand you are no longer interested in moving forward in marketing with our company and that is perfectly fine. We have submitted all recordings and email communication to our legal team for their records. If the threats continue we will move forward in taking legal actions. At this time I will be ending all lines of communications with your company and wish you luck on any of your future endeavors. PS. I was taking back in reading your email. Never had a business owner use such profound language. I know now why there are pending litigations lawsuits with your company. How do you think the general public would feel if I showcase this email online? You should be ashamed of yourself. 7. I told im to go [email protected]%K himself 🙂 and sent this email to him. You are a scammer and you are ripping hard working contractors off. You took your website down last night after I busted you for fraud. We took screenshots before we told you we knew you scammed people. You are trying to blackmail me and my company it will not work. You have no license. You have no legal team. You don’t have our money. You offer nothing to no one you are fraud. People need to show case all the different domain names you have registered and had taken down to highlight the 3 years you have been doing this. Two can play your game. Where is your license? Your not registered anywhere and what state? The state of Florida doesn’t know your working from home and not paying taxes scamming people. You tape record people so they can not get a refund from the credit card companies. You pretend your marketing. You think you have your scam down but you messed up. You tried to ripped me off. Please sue me so i can get your information so I can file a class action against you and have the justice department open up a case against you. You offer no information even your logo is borrowed from Microsoft word. Your just a scared loser who is now trying to run and I am pursing you.

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