Prime Acceptance Corp in Utah

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Published: 17 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I was 1 day late on my auto loan with tis company, after 18 months of paying on time. My husband got into a car accident at his job and was off work for 1 month, wasnt able to pay car note on time. I called them to set up an arrangement and they refused. Have been harassing me and my references. Have sent text to my cell phone with deragatory messages. Have threathen me and have caused alot of stress. I am a 60 year old woman on disability and this company has been close to giving me a heart attack because of my payment being late 10 days. My husband also has been trying to communicate with them to set up an arrangement, now that he is better and has returned to work. They are very cruel, and have no consideration on how they talk, treat, there customers. Have sent harassing text. I would not recommend this company due to their behavior on collecting payments. Do not care to help our american people and country. After 18 months of payments ontime, this is how we get treated. If i could afford a lawyer i would take them to court for harrasment. Now were going to lose the only reliable transporation because they are not willing to work with us on this matter.

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