Quick start ignition interlock

Quick start ignition interlock Review

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Published: 10 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Quick start ignition interlock Ripoff Tempe Arizona!!

DO NOT GO HERE!!!! Poor customer service, I got charged $77 for my last month within a week I got my deferal Letter I made an appointment that same day to take my interlock off. They made me Pay $95 to remove the unit exactly a week later from paying for my last month. When they installed my interlock the guy installing it Stated he had to Disable my Remote start on the vehicle.I stated that was fine but when I get the interlock off I would like them to install it back on because it was a fairly new Car. On 11/7/2014 I went in to remove the unit I get my Car back and test out my remote start before leaving to make sure they properly installed it back in. The remote start turn on the car n then 3seconds after it turning on it shuts off completely the guy stated he didn’t touch nothing with the remote start it was a Alarm system issue to have it taken in and looked at and if it was there fault they would reimburse me for the trouble.The manager of the place was involved and agreed I made a scheduled appointment to come back the following morning with my results n have them look at it even though they “stated”” they don’t mess with alarms or remote starts. I went to a Professional Auto shop called “”Lxxxx Cxxxxxx”” located in Mesa told them my story and offered to fix it for $50 a hour depending on what the issue was. Long story short they found out my Remote start was disabled and moved from the original mounting. They called me to the back to show me it was the problem and stated it wasn’t properly connected back. So i got it fixed through the shop took my receipt back to the interlock place and the manager tells me “”HES NOT REFUNDING ME BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOUCHED IT! So it’s his words against a Auto shops who’s licsene To install remote starts and systems and alarms.so I’m Contacting 3on your side to make my voice herd not only that but for the Honesty I deserve as a person. Please share this to all your friends and Family don’t go there they will TAKE YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY THEY CAN. I understand DUIs are wrong but being lied and feeling ripped off by a company like this something needs to be done.”

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