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Published: 13 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Let me recite some ancient history. I purchased Quicken Version 1.0 which came on a single floppy disk (1.38 megabytes compressed). This software lets users input their financial transactions which are saved to a database.___ At this time Microsoft released Windows 3.1 and would soon release Windows 95. New computers were often shipped with a complimentary copy of Quicken. The Quicken (Intuit) company employed proprietary database protocols, so that it’s data files could only open with a current copy of Quicken.___As the years passed, Quicken introduced synchronized banking where users could download their banking accounts. I never used that option since I’ve had problems with my bank where I’ve found $100 dollars of errors. It made sense to me to keep my own records to make sure I wouldn’t get shortchanged.___For me, Quicken (Home & Business) was a good way to record my personal and business transactions. I would record sales and purchases and save them in Quicken. I didn’t need to buy a new version of the software every year. But I recall buying and using Quicken 1998, Quicken 2007, Quicken 2016 and Quicken 2017.___In recent years, Quicken has imposed ridiculous locks on my old files that date back to 1996. The content of these files is my own, not Quicken’s, not any banking institution. I haven’t set passwords on these files, so why does Quicken ask me for passwords for files it has NO BUSINESS locking.___I am not alone. Below you’ll find a comment in the Quicken forum:> scharville (Quicken Community Forum)___I am just about fed up with Quicken control over what should be a simple database to manage my finances. The constant issues with my “Quicken ID””

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