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Published: 13 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Chateau estates moble home park, swanton ohio , James Moore Owner We Moved out in March and still have not received our security deposit back, Swanton Ohio!!

We Moved out in March and still have not received our security deposit back, When we moved in we where going to buy until we seen all the issues that this place had, during the winters there was no heat, we had a 4 year old and he kept getting sick and we called about it and we heard it was not there problem even tho we where renters, they would not fix the heat, our windows leaked from the rain, and over top of plugs, We could not get out of our doors with out getting stung and we called about it and they said not our problem, I am supprised these people knew where the furnace was let alone the water tap.. we would call Ricks cell phone because through the night we had no heat as well as through the day, we had to leave our house and live else where for the winter months, and they even had us spend the night in the office because Traci his manager said they where not putting anymore money or furnishing the trailer, and Last winter we had subzero temps of -40 degrees and we had a small child and they kept giving us little space heaters to run up our electric bill, we advised them that they where running up our electric bill and all we heard was well that is not our problem, when we moved in we where paying 540.00 and during the year they raised our rent too 640.00, out of the whole year that we where there they would not fix nothing, everytime the maint. guys came in too fix something we heard oh I dont know, I cant fix it.. what kind of people do they have working for them, cuz they dont know how to fix anything, Mind you, we moved in March 2013 and left March 2014 because they would not fix nothing, after we moved out they said that there where wholes in all the walls, the place was not cleaned, and the walls needed painted, we have witnesses about the house, My mom helped my gf clean up, My gfs stepdad came in too repair the wholes in the house (2).. and we told them that our couch was too big to get out. we could barely get it in the door and Rick the property manager said too us to leave it in the trailer and not too put it outside all weekend that he would have Dave and Larry go cut it up and get it out, with No Charge of Money $$$ and they are charging us money for that. Our windows where black molded and when we told them that they leaked they came and taped up the windows, I told them why are you taping up windows the issue is not the window, the issue is it is the top of the window seal that is leaking.. They wanted 14,000 dollars for this trailer.. In my opinion it wasnt worth 1,000 dollars, These people need to be out of business, this is not a place for small children, If you wanna be treated like scum then go ahead.. all this that I have said is not worth it.. We are taking them to court and nuff said.. these people are scam artists, I would strictly advise you not to ever go with James Moore properties and Chateau Estates is a park he owns as well, Chateau Estates, and Raintree Village are owned by the same person, I put Traci Grillo because she is Chateaus estates property managers boss, Rick would not do anything for us he said he tried and tried but I do not believe him or her.. My hands and mouth is tied of what we are going too do at this point, But they do not give deposits, ect back.. I do not recommend these people!!!!

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