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Published: 15 September 2022

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Rapid Results Management aka Scentua Creations 8874 A Colerain Ave. Scentura Creations is a scam that is all across the United States. They put an ad in the paper stating Start Now. No experience necessary. New company expanding. Above average $$. Energetic people needed. When you call to get more information they tell you that this is an entry level management position. The branch managers of Rapid Results Management are William Watkins, Tammy Schilk & Marvin Braxton. William Watkins told us a story about how he was homeless when he started working with this company & now he’s making $52,000 a year. You think to yourself if he could do it while he was homeless than you can do it. That’s a real good motivation story to pull you in. I went to the 1st interview & they called me back for a 2nd interview. This was a group interview of about 20 – 25 people. During the 2nd interview they tell you that paid training is provided & after the 2 months training process you will get to open your own business up with a guaranteed $30,000 per year. They even said that they will find you an office, pay the 1st months rent & the down payment. If you have to relocate they will even pay for your 1st months rent & down payment for your apartment. When you open your own office up you get to pick your own name for your office. Out of the 20 to 25 people in the 2nd interview they picked 13 people to come back for the orientation. I was chosen to come back for orientation. During orientation they told us that we were going to have a contest to see who could sell the most bottles of perfume & cologne. We were told to try to sell perfume & cologne to our family & friends for $29.95 or however much we wanted to sell the bottles for without even having the merchandise in our possession. $25 for each bottle that we sold was to be given to the company. The next day only 6 people showed up. William Watkins labeled them as WPS (weak pieces of sh*t) & said that they didn’t come back because they didn’t have what it takes to be managers. No one sold any perfume or cologne. That same day we were told that we were going to have another contest called the rhino race & this time we were going to be given 3 bottles of perfume & 3 bottles of cologne to try to sell. This time we would only have to give $20 to the company for each bottle that we sold. Around noon we were told that we would be leaving the office to go out and try to sell perfume. We had to use our own cars to drive around the city trying to sell their products making money for them. At that time me and one other person asked about paid training. We were told that when we sell the bottles of perfume we make a profit off of each bottle that we sell & we also would get a bonus based on how many bottles we sold. At that time I told them that I would not be returning the next day. Rapid Results Management is a distributor of Scentura Creations. Imitation perfume distributor. This is a company that targets young adults between the ages of 18 25 years old. They guarantee you paid training but you do not get paid during training unless you sell perfume for them & they are also making a profit off of each bottle that you sell. Rendition products (same quality ingredients) are what they are selling. The boxes of perfume & cologne that we were given to sell are color coded. You have to look on the sheet to see what you are selling. You really do not know what you are selling. During training you are sent out (using your own car) to try to sell imitation perfume & you are making money for them. When your family & friends give you bad advice or if they say something negative about this company they tell you not to listen to them & that they do not want you to succeed. This company is false advertising & misleading young adults who are just graduating from high school or college & who are trying to do something positive with their life. If you are in the training program please do some more research on Scentura Creations & quit so they will not end up ruining your life. This is nothing but a scam & they are doing nothing but taking advantage of young adults. You do not own your own business. All you are doing is opening up a distribution center and training others open up more distribution centers for Scentura Creations. The building where Rapid Results Management is located does not have a sign or anything on the door just an address. They have very loud music on during training & they use curse words every other sentence that comes out of their mouth. This is a very unprofessional company. The 2 ads that were posted in the newspaper stated to ask for Tim or Jim. They would say that he’s a little tied up right now. That was a lie. There was no one named Tim or Jim that worked in that office. This company is scamming people all across the United States and something needs to be done about it. The areas of expansion are Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Canada, Louisiana, Indiana, Arkansas & Tennessee. If you know people in your area that are working for Scentura Creations please warn them about this scam. C Hamilton, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Scentura Creations

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