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Published: 16 January 2023

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2015-09-04I took my car in for service ,because it stop running on me ,I explained that when it stop on I got a boose from someone and it started ,I went to the auto zone that was close to where ithe car stop they diagnose it and said I need a alternator. The next morning I took it to the dealership Ray Laethem my service rep stated he would put it on their machine to find out what the problem and would call me.Understanding they have to use their own machine to dianose the proble it more better than auto zone,and the car would be their about two days. The next day they called stateing it was jush the battery ,Im you sure because were going to ceder point saturday and I want to be OK ,Rob the sales consultant states yes all is good ,the charge is about 300.00 and by the way you need brakes all the way round on the car also ,and your car will be good though out the winter so that will be 1300.00 So I said ok I’ll borrow the money from the credit union since the finance it. I went to pick it up later that day ,I said is all thing ok Rob stated yes have fun at ceder point , as I took the car home the next day saturday driving maybe 3 miles the car statred acting up ,then stopping on us. I had it towed home then monday towed back to service they call me that eveing stating that my alternator went out and sorry but you have to pay 600.00 more dallar to get it . I stated I would of never got all the other work done if I knew that I would of gotten the alternator fix first,then I would of went some where else for the battery like bell tires for a 100.00 dallar battery not 3oo.oo battery. But Rob says it nothing they can do sorry I talk to John the service manger one day 9 / 1 / 15 to get help on finance because I dont have that kind of money my car is stuck their and they diagnose the wrong thing and want me to pay for it,he said call the 1800 423-6343 and talk to Kendra she gave me a case number 27726074 but never called back ,I called to Jeff Leathem ,on the 9 / 2 / 15 no call back I call his assisant this morning no call back ,I call Rob this afernoon he said he was going to check on my car no call back ,so I need your help to get my car running or not running and put my parts back on their and let it go,because the mis diagnose it.and I told them in the first place what was wrong their jush there to rip people off .

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