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Published: 06 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Rebecca Morel Becca can’t get over the past mooresboro, North Carolina!!

I want everyone to know about Rebecca Morel she is a coniving, slandering, two faced woman that only think of herself and what everyone can do to her. She has obviously been married 3 times and always accuses the men do it all. She doesn’t feel that they have the right to move on and be happy without her in their lives. She always thinks they do wrong in the marriages i think she needs a reality check she is obviously is not a woman that can please her men. I am friends with shannon and i have known mark for years. When becca moved herself out of their home and moved to Colorado she never wanted to work things out with mark he was by himself for almost a year. When becca found out that he was happy she tried to rekindle things and obviously too late. Who would put their own life on hold for someone that is all about themselves. Not any man i know of. She since emailed,called and harried shannon and then posts a report on this website. So if you have any dealings with this awful woman you might want to check out her past first. I also am friends with someone that worked with her at Greystone Eye Care in hickory nc. They know all about her and her mental status. So i wanted to clarify the stories and lies that have been put out here and let her feel the shame on her part. And whoever is posting the trash about posting pictures only knows it will come back to you so i would let things go as they are. And the anonymous girl that dated mark for 1 or 2 months are you serious you don’t know how long it was and don’t have a name because once again it all lies.

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