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Published: 11 October 2022

Posted by: Alex F. Philip

It all started on the 14/09/2022-22:23pm when i messaged someone i met on Facebook his name is Martin Giff and he started to ask my name, hobbies, about what i like and dont like, (thinking)-”okay wtf his weird”and i kept going with the flow of our conversation and his like asking my Whatsapp number and i gave it to him not a minute passed and a message popped up and his like ”where you from, I love you bay” and im like ”i dont even know you dude ” and asked him where his from and his from Tulsa Oklahoma, USA and i gave my my full address as well and he sent me pictures of his family and how he works at a Offshore Drilling Company;videos of how he ships over the seas;etc….and on the 06/10/2022-21:09pm he asked me ”Im going to shopping today seem that im on vacation and ill come and visit you too…” and then he asked ”name anything you want me to buy you” and i said im not that type i love you not what you have but what i have and its you…” and he sent me photos and vidoes of jewellery, laptop, iphone, shoes, clothes, hairdryer and faltiron cause he knows that im working in a salon now and he said he will send it to me via a RWorldexpresscourier international company and i believed it im honest and i searched the tracking code which he’s sent to me and i contacted them and asked them if there is a package being delivered from this place and they said yes with quite a stink attitude and they said i need to pay a clearance fees to OR Tambo Airport which is in Johannesburg not in my province and they said it will be delivered on the same day its payed but i thought to myself to search these things and i saw sll the reviews of this company and im relieved i didnt pay anything i was too occupied to attend to this but God guided me and im thankfull there was quite alot more to say but my phone will die soon and ill have to type all over again lol but hope this is helpful to those out tyere being scammed this instant may God guide you 

Thank You!

Regards:Clintino Meter

Facebook& Instagram:#Kween Tina

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