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Published: 15 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Rent R Toyz, Sand & Sea, Get N Wet Family Quad Rentals & Poor Business Practice Anaheim California!!

This place is a joke! I originally called to get a quote and the man told me it would be about $720 but we received the invoice and it ended up being $834. The guy didnu2019t have a clue as to how much it was to rent a quad in his own shop. We rented two quads and took them out to Arizona. When we got out there, one quad wouldnu2019t turn on and we barely got the other one turned on. We called them trying to troubleshoot with them but it was useless because we didnu2019t have any tools out there with us. We couldnu2019t even take the other quad out because it didnu2019t seem safe to have just one person go out, hence why we rented two quads. We got back from Arizona and returned the quads; at first they said the quad that didnu2019t turn on was due to a dead battery and we could have jumped it and used it but after an hour of them making me wait to finish checking in the equipment, they came to the conclusion that it was the starter that was not working. Then, they tried to tell us that the second quad came back damaged and we didnu2019t even ride it!!! After spending an hour there just to return the equipment, there was no resolution, no mention of a refund. They said they would call and give us a final balance but it’s been 7 days and there has been no contact made. Renting from Sand & Sea Toyz is a waste of time, they are completely unprofessional, unapologetic and this is just poor business practice. Final thought, when you look this company up, they come up as Sand & Sea Toys, Rent R Toyz, and Get N Wet Family all at the same address. What a shady, no good type of business!! DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY.

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