Fraud Allegations on Gold Unicorn? (2024)

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Gold Unicorn has developed some interest in the field of multilevel marketing cryptocurrency projects. This person is allegedly the CEO of the corporation, “Denis Milanovkiy.”

When Milanovkiy is closely examined, one finds Solarion, a website that is remarkably similar to the platform used by the organization. There may be deceit and fraud involved because of this. 

Milanovkiy Nexus Investigation: Solarion and Aurum Equine Morphology

The name “,” which is used by Gold Unicorn, was registered privately in April 2022. The most recent change was made on February 8th, 2023. On the other hand, Solarion makes use of the domain “,” which was privately registered on January 28, 2023. It’s interesting to note that the company’s marketing films on its official YouTube channel are from November of last year, indicating that it was established before Solarion.

Interestingly, Denis Milanovkiy’s accent is indicative of his Eastern European background, and the promotional materials include Russian subtitles. But Milanovkiy’s identity is limited to the stories of Solarion and Gold Unicorn, which begs the question of whether his identity and role are real.

A snapshot that the actor who played Milanovkiy’s ex-partner posted on VKontakte sometime in 2017 suggested that the couple had a link to Dnipro, Ukraine. This implies that the player of Milanovkiy may be a native of Ukraine as well.

To give the impression of validity, Gold Unicorn and Solarion have given random addresses, one of which is in Washington and the other in the UK. Even a certificate for GoldUnicorn LLC, purportedly registered in Washington, is presented by Gold Unicorn. Due diligence is rendered meaningless by the ease with which these particulars can be misrepresented. 

Goods and Remuneration:

Gold Unicorn does not offer any physical goods or services for sale. Gold Unicorn affiliates can only promote the affiliate membership itself.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is central to Gold Unicorn’s compensation scheme, with profits promised at different levels of involvement. It is claimed that these plans can increase daily ROI rates for a set time. 

The following is a guarantee of returns: 

Minimum InvestmentMaximum InvestmentDaily Interest RateDuration (Days)

Additionally, Gold Unicorn provides investment strategies for “renewable energy”. 

For $50,000 a month:

Investment AmountReceive Percentage

For $75,000 a month:

Investment AmountReceive Percentage

For $100,000 a month:

Investment AmountReceive Percentage

For each monthly income option, the tables clearly show the investment amounts and the associated receive percentages. 

Investment alternatives for $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000 monthly incomes are listed in the table. Different investment amounts and receive percentages are specified for each income level. For a $50,000 monthly income, investments from $100,000 to $1,000,000 are offered with receiving percentages from 10% to 100%. 

Investment options and receive percentages follow the same pattern for $75,000 and $100,000 monthly earnings, helping investors grasp the relationship between investment amounts and prospective returns based on their desired monthly income. This table simplifies investment selection based on financial goals and income needs.

MLM Structure and Affiliates:

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is the foundation of Gold Unicorn’s business strategy, and it focuses on recruiting new investor affiliates. Four levels make up this system:

  1. Affiliate: Invest to become an affiliate.
  2. Rank 1: Find twenty affiliates who are investors.
  3. Rank 2: Make a $20,000 investment, produce a $500,000 downline, and guarantee that affiliates you recruit bring in an additional fifty recruits.
  4. Rank 3: Make a $50,000 investment and bring in $1,000,000 from secondary investors. Referral commissions are paid out in a single tier, with affiliates earning a portion according to their position and the recruits beneath them. Along with affiliates, Gold Unicorn also makes investments in solar panels and cryptocurrencies.

Legal and Fraud Concerns: Gold Unicorn’s business strategy, which primarily involves cryptocurrencies and solar panels, raises questions akin to those of a traditional Ponzi scheme. However, there isn’t much concrete data to back up their endeavors. Furthermore, Gold Unicorn’s passive investing option might be subject to securities regulations, requiring SEC registration to be legitimate. The lack of this kind of registration raises suspicions of possible securities fraud.


In summary, Gold Unicorn’s future is unpredictable and resembles the course of a standard Ponzi scam. Revenue inflow will decrease as hiring slows down, which will ultimately cause a collapse and significant losses for investors. Similarities between Gold Unicorn and Solarion, a comparable enterprise, suggest that they have similar orchestrators and may have similar outcomes. US regulatory agencies have oversight over all transactions.

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