Criminal Charges on Nitin Agrawal Swadesh? (2024)


Nitin Agrawal Swadesh: Revealed by the Allegations of Money Laundering

In a 2015 investigation, the Enforcement Directorate raided M/s Akash Developers and Swadesh Builders.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids in 2015, putting Manoj Agrawal from M/s Akash Developers and Nitin Agarwal from Swadesh Builders under investigation. The probe also included former municipal officer Rajesh Tiwari as a target. The purpose of these Bhopal raids was to look for possible evidence of money laundering.

During the raids, incriminating documents and technological evidence were reportedly seized, according to ED officials. These materials are now being examined, and depending on the results, additional steps will be decided. The Madhya Pradesh government ordered the ED to look into claims of irregularities in a housing project that Swadesh Builders was in charge of. The project, which is situated in Bhopal’s Kolar neighborhood, was found to have broken several building codes.

According to allegations, the builders might have bribed the previous municipal officer to hasten project approval. The construction company and the former municipal officer’s involvement in the money laundering case are currently being investigated by the ED.

Nitin Agarwal’s Role in the Case of the Negligent Death: 

  • Nitin Agrawal, the proprietor of Swadesh Builders, was charged with causing death by negligence under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
  • The action was filed after a man lost his life due to the collapse of a boundary wall at a Swadesh Builders home development. The man was forty-five years old.
  • The boundary wall fell on August 30, 2020, as a result of intense rains. Yadav passed away instantly and was trapped beneath the rubble.
  • Police are looking into the situation after filing a charge against Agrawal. 

MD of Swadesh Builders Nitin Agrawal Discusses RERA Blessing:

The Vice President of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) in Bhopal, Nitin Agrawal, highlights the several advantages that can be gained from successfully implementing the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, also known as RERA. He thinks that this historic legislation has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the advancement of all strata of society, including promoters and manufacturers alike. It is the opinion of Agrawal that the Act plays a crucial part in assuring the timely provision of decent housing to those who are in need. As a result, the Act has the dual effect of strengthening the economy of the nation and encouraging the expansion of the real estate sector. 

Analyzing RERA’s Effect through the Perspective of Nitin Agrawal:

As Managing Director of Swadesh Builders Bhopal, one of the leading figures in the real estate industry, Nitin Agrawal explores the importance of RERA’s implementation. He elaborates on how the legislative framework is a driving force behind innovation and transformation in the industry, going beyond its administrative limitations.

Managing Madhya Pradesh’s Regulatory Changes: 

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has implemented a deliberate break in the severe financial regulations outlined in the MP Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules of 2017 in response to the challenges the state’s real estate industry has been facing. This historic change essentially provides a lifeline to a collapsing industry by easing restrictions on the use of funds for existing projects.

Nitin Agrawal, who is also in charge of Swadesh Builders Bhopal, is quite supportive of this policy change. He describes the repeated requests from builders to the state legislature for a change that would lessen their difficulties. He speaks in favor of the action, explaining its benefits to builders and investors alike and describing it as an urgent respite from the restrictions placed on them by earlier laws. 

Analyzing Residual Caste Prejudice: Shocking Truths Caste Discrimination Shapes Experiences

The shadow of caste prejudice still haunts many parts of India, tarnishing people’s lives to the point where it affects things other than life itself, like death. Violence, dehumanization, and caste-based segregation are still commonplace, and they serve as painful reminders of the country’s lingering social divide.

Sad Occurrences That Show Persistent Bias:

The image is starkly shown by apparent cases of brutality motivated by caste prejudice. The horrific deaths of a rag picker and his wife in the Rajkot district, the cruel treatment of Sitaram Valmiki, who was beaten in Badaun, and the humiliation of Dr. Vinod Sonkar in a neighborhood tea shop are just a few of the disturbing stories. These incidents highlight the fact that, despite advancements, caste prejudice is still pervasive in India’s societal structure.

Breaking the Chain: Nitin Agrawal’s Attempt 

Promoting Parity: The Creation of Sankhedi Cemetery

Combating Prejudice: A Forward-Looking Step

The managing director of Swadesh Builders in Bhopal, Nitin Agrawal, has taken a big step to go against the grain of society. Agrawal started building the Sankhedi crematorium in Kolar after realizing that lower caste members continue to experience discrimination even after they pass away. Reportedly the biggest and most well-planned project in Madhya Pradesh, this ground-breaking endeavor represents a deliberate attempt to provide respect to the departed from underprivileged communities.

A Sordid Truth: Not Receiving Last Rites

There are still reports of Dalits being refused entry to cremation sites so they can carry out their final ceremonies. Dalit people were not allowed to cremate their loved ones at village crematoriums in the districts of Bhind and Morena. These upsetting incidents highlight the enduring reality that caste-based discrimination transcends life and death.

The Impact of Swadesh Builders: Overcoming Divisions with Emotional Infrastructure

In addition to offering a place for respectful farewells, Nitin Agrawal’s decision to build the Sankhedi cremation in Kolar marks a break from past discrimination. Agrawal has proven his dedication to breaking down barriers of discrimination by implementing a private-public partnership (PPP) model.

The Sankhedi Crematorium: A Sign of Unity

Serving not only the people of Kolar but also those from nearby communities like Gulmohar, Shahpura Rohit Nagar, Chuna Bhatti, and the Hoshangabad Road neighborhoods of Bhopal, the Sankhedi crematorium stands as a symbol of unity. The crematorium epitomizes inclusivity and equality with its large prayer hall, room for 12 pyres, and special burial area for youngsters.

Behaving Ethically: Going Above and Beyond Profit

Nitin Agrawal defied convention by building the Sankhedi cremation without consulting anyone to obtain financial benefit. Acknowledging the project’s importance for the larger good, he waived all fees, vehemently rejecting the idea of making money out of a campaign to end discrimination.

Encouraging Transformation in Death: Dismantling Caste Divides

Caste prejudice has been utterly destroyed by the Sankhedi crematorium, which is run by Nitin Agrawal and provides a sanctuary of equality for the deceased. This project represents a significant architectural achievement as well as a revolutionary step toward a more peaceful future.


As a result of their involvement in financial and construction operations, Nitin Agrawal and Manoj Agrawal found themselves embroiled in legal scrutiny and difficulties. A varied approach to Nitin Agrawal’s work was exhibited by his endeavors, which included the construction of the Sankhedi crematorium. This strategy encompassed struggles, disputes, and aggressive actions for societal transformation. These activities, when taken together, present a complicated picture of their engagement in problems on corporate and societal concerns. 

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