Scam Allegations on Kirk Bernard? (2024)


The recipient of the Top 100 Registry’s 2023 Washington State Attorney of the Year award is Seattle-based attorney Kirk Bernard. Bernard, who established the Bernard Law Group, a personal injury law firm, is well-known for his work and has over 40 years of experience. A significant case he has handled is Meisner v. State of Washington et al., in which he represented a motorcyclist wounded in a construction zone as a result of inadequate signage. He has a great history of obtaining significant settlements and verdicts for his clients.

Apart from his legal work, Bernard is involved in several community projects, including brain injury awareness, fighting hunger, and bicycle safety. Over his career, his dedication to serving the community has brought him considerable recognition and countless accolades. Bernard’s commitment to improving Washington State and his legal knowledge is demonstrated by his receipt of the Top 100 Registry’s Attorney of the Year award.

Who is Kirk Bernard, do you know? 

The founder of Bernard Law Group and a multiple award-winning personal injury attorney at his practice is Kirk Bernard. He has been a skilled civil litigator in Washington and California for more than thirty years.

Kirk has dedicated his professional life to handling personal injury lawsuits, and defending individuals hurt in accidents as a result of the carelessness or wrongdoing of others. He is committed to upholding justice and making sure his clients get paid what they are due.

Kirk Bernard graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. Soon after graduating from law school in 1981, he went to work as a personal injury lawyer and obtained his license. He has now committed his life to helping his community and defending his clients’ rights.

Kirk Bernard has established a solid reputation as a dependable and trustworthy personal injury attorney thanks to his unyielding focus and unrelenting pursuit of justice. He stands out for his dedication to his client’s issues, and during his career, he has received numerous honors for his outstanding advocacy and legal abilities.

Kirk is steadfast in his dedication to his clients and gives each case he takes his all. He tries to give accident victims and their families the best representation he can since he recognizes the psychological, physical, and economic toll that accidents may take.

Social Links of Kirk Bernard

Kirk Bernard uses Twitter and LinkedIn as his social media platforms. Furthermore, he keeps a profile on the Justia Lawyers platform. 

Krik Bernard On LinkedIn: 

Krik Bernard has 62 followers and 54 connections on LinkedIn. The Bernard Law Group is run and owned by him. In 2009, Kirk signed up for LinkedIn.

Kirk Bernard on Twitter: 

Since signing up for Twitter in June 2009, Kirk Bernard has sent out 10.1K tweets. He follows 8,070 profiles and has 6,713 followers. 

The Bernard Law Group on Yelp: 

Kirk Bernard owns the Bernard Law Group, which has a 3.4-star rating out of 5 based on Yelp customer reviews. Nineteen reviews total are used to get this grade. The law practice also promotes that it is open and ready to help clients seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Reviews left by Customers on Yelp: 

#1. Harry tells them that he called them after getting into a rear-end accident. When they first took on his case, he was sadly engaged in another accident three weeks later, which severely damaged his neck and back. Surprisingly, when he contacted them following the second incident, they told him they could no longer help, preferring to deal with easier issues. After the second accident, everyone quickly abandoned him, leaving Harry feeling completely alone.

#2. Leigh discloses that when all related costs were subtracted, he was awarded a meager $2000 in compensation, even after going through the trauma of a catastrophic tragedy. His spine was permanently crooked as a result of the accident, causing him to endure excruciating agony and having to halt his physically demanding career. The entire experience lasted more than a year, and its aftereffects are still very much with him. 

#3. Phil complains about how the Bernard Law Group handled his case. He points out that there was a lack of consistency in the matter because it was handled by several different attorneys within the company. The state police were not informed that the fire department had pulled their truck to the side of the road, which was a crucial element of the accident’s cause that was overlooked. The responsible party was not issued a failure-to-yield citation as a result of this omission. Phil believes that Bernard Law Group did not fully pursue the case to its potential. 

#4. Martin shares his dissatisfaction with the way the company responded. All he got was a short email from a paralegal informing him that the firm would not handle their kind of case, after going through two years of agony that would affect him for the rest of his life. He wonders if any attorney from the firm was even given their case. The firm’s website description has misled him about this experience, and he feels relieved that they might not be the ideal fit for him based on their inadequate reception. 

#5. Misty says Bernard Law Group was the worst and never returns. Since her accident about a year ago, she has handled her case alone. She frequently emails the attorney and his paralegal for case updates.

In addition, she had to convince her lawyer to represent her. They promise to follow up on every email, but they rarely do. Sometimes they pretend not to get her status-check emails. She strongly declares her intention not to collaborate with Bernard Law Group again, citing Matt Hale and Carly Mallow. 

Better Business Bureau Profile of Bernard Law Group:

I saw that there are no customer reviews for the aforementioned company listed on the Better Business Bureau website. Nonetheless, the group has awarded it an outstanding A+ grade. Furthermore, the company is not currently BBB accredited. They have been in the business for 23 years, according to BBB. 

Google Profile and Ratings for Bernard Law Group: 

Out of five stars, the Bernard Law Group has 4.6 stars on Google. The address of their company is 900 Aurora Ave N, Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98109, USA. 159 clients left reviews for them on Google. 

Reviews submitted by Customers on Google: 

#1. John Knight says he’s hesitant to suggest Bernard Law Group. He describes how, following a two-year delay, they recommended a settlement while representing the client in an automobile accident lawsuit. Though, as he has now learned, the firm left a sizable portion of potential compensation unclaimed, he still thought the settlement figure was reasonable.

#2. Carlos Walston complains that he hasn’t heard anything about his case in over a year and is frustrated by the lack of communication. He reports that since the matter started, he has only had three conversations with the firm’s attorney. He calls the secretary to ask about developments, but she just puts him on voicemail and never returns his call. Based on his own experience, Carlos believes that this is extremely unprofessional behavior and suggests that you should not use the services of Bernard Law Group. 

#3. Bryan Grote laments the poor quality of care he received from the company, claiming that they only offered rudimentary support because his injury wasn’t a high-value case. No matter how much money a case is worth, he thinks lawyers should always treat their clients with professionalism. Bryan has twice used the services of this company, and both times he was disappointed. He says that he has no desire to collaborate with them once more. 

#4. Alexander James tells the story of how a careless driver rear-ended their car. They were informed that the damage was not significant enough to warrant a claim despite the obvious damage, even though the bumper and hatch repairs cost $2,000. Alexander was not happy with this choice, especially because there were kids in the car and it didn’t appear like the person in charge cared about their safety. 

#5. Russ Youhanna is upset with Bernard Law Group, pointing out that they barely inquired once before determining they were unable to help. He thinks that their choice might have been made because there wasn’t enough money to be made from his case. In Russ’s case, his neighbor intentionally ran him down while he was crossing the street, and he is disappointed with their response. 

5. Russ Youhanna is furious at Bernard Law Group because, he says, they just asked one question before deciding they couldn’t help. He thinks the reason for their decision might be that they don’t think his case has enough financial potential. Due to his neighbor’s intentionally running him down while he was a pedestrian, Russ feels their response to be unsatisfactory. 


Finally, due to his exceptional legal knowledge and dedication to community service, Kirk Bernard has been named the State of Washington’s 2023 Attorney of the Year. His professional life has been devoted to pursuing justice for victims of personal injury as the founder of Bernard Law Group. Still, Yelp reviews from previous clients seem to be a little unhappy with how the firm handled their cases; they complained about feeling abandoned, not getting paid enough, and not having continuity in their legal counsel. Kirk Bernard has won many awards over his career, but before making a choice, it’s crucial to take into account the experiences that previous customers have had. 

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