Fraud Charges on Mersad Vejzovic? (2024)


Is Mersad Vejzovic conducting a phony campaign? The Unveiled Truth (2024)

I’m not sure if the rumors that Mersad Vejzovic is running a fraud are true or not. We’ll need to go deeply into Mersad Vejzovic’s past and the details of the company he built to learn this information.

Mersad Vejzovic: An Overview

Along with Alma and Ajdin Brkovic, Mersad Vejzovic is the chief executive officer and co-founder of MonetizeAd d.o.o. Sarajevo. Ajdin Brkovic is also in charge of Monad Lead d.o.o., a Monetizes Ad affiliate located in Belgrade, Serbia.

Entrepreneur Mersad Vejzovi is a man from Sarajevo, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is commonly referred to as Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has made a name for himself in the business sector and is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Monetize Ad. 

His schooling at the Mixed Secondary School in Ivinice served as the starting point for his trip, yet it’s unclear if it provided a solid foundation for the pursuits he made. Interestingly, he only belongs to one reputable organization, and his very low ranking of 42,312 on the CB Rank (Person) list suggests that his influence is not very great. 

Despite his continued focus on the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions, probably, his contributions haven’t gotten as much notice or significance as those of some of his colleagues. 

If someone is interested in knowing more about his work, they can visit his website at Additionally, he has a LinkedIn page that may be utilized to connect with potential clients. It is plausible that Mersad Vejzovi’s notable contributions to the fields of technology and business were not the most significant ones.

The following links will allow you to read more about Mersad Vejzovic:

Mersad Vejzovic: Concerning His Company-MonetizeAd

MonetizeAd is a marketing firm that claims to be able to provide extraordinarily high-quality services in the following areas: advertising, computer games, search engine optimization, online commerce, and search engine marketing. 

One of the most common methods used by websites to monetize their traffic and bring in money for their owners is advertising. Nonetheless, visitors to your website are offered a variety of adverts to view. 

Even though there are a ton of possibilities on the internet, you should give dependability, accountability, and the capacity to measure characteristics priority when choosing an advertising network provider.

Mersad Vejzovic: What is the precise mechanism of MonetizeAd?

MonetizeAd promotes the fact that it provides a variety of services. The following are only a few of the many demands that are met by the services provided for Internet businesses and digital marketing:

Through affiliate marketing, you can connect with other marketers to potentially get help promoting your goods or services online and get money. These marketers are called affiliate marketers.

A field known as “digital marketing” gives businesses the operational and strategic guidance they need to plan, develop, and carry out profitable digital marketing initiatives.

App & Software Development: Provides services for creating mobile applications (apps) and bespoke software that boost productivity and streamline corporate procedures to optimize revenue.

Strategies that are customized based on an individual’s performance: emphasize performance-driven digital marketing tactics that are backed by specific business projects and paid for according to how well they accomplish specific corporate goals.

Is Mersad Vejzovic’s organization a scam? But how?

Even though Mersad Vejzovic’s company is connected to a better-developed network zone. I discovered that there are numerous connections between this network and fraudulent conduct. 

And it was a laborious process to untangle this complex web of links. As we moved forward, it was clear that Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd was running fraudulent Bitcoin advertising campaigns. The screenshot that can be viewed below illustrates that:

It has now been revealed that Mersad Vejzovic’s firm was heavily involved in a number of the investigation’s parts. Numerous red flags about the way the corporation was operating were raised by this. It is comprised of its Schemes, all of which proved to be wholly fraudulent. more operations, on top of a plethora of additional activities. Let’s be very honest about it.

Mersad Vejzovic’s Bitcoin Phishing Campaigns

Mersad Vejzovic is alleged to have established extensive affiliate networks that leverage questionable advertising campaigns like Up, the cryptocurrency, and the Bitcoin System. 

By offering the possibility of financial benefit through Bitcoin investments, these advertisements hope to attract potential victims. 

These advertisements are allegedly used by the corporation to gather data, which it then sells to boiler room companies across Europe. These actions may potentially be illegal, and it is thought that they are immoral.

Beneficial Procedures: The company’s earnings and sales both increased significantly, according to Mersad Vejzovic. This is hardly surprising given how bold and creative they are in their fraud-committing. Through these techniques, which take advantage of individuals in weaker positions, they most certainly make a substantial profit.

LimitedCharm is a distinct business concept that is being promoted by Mersad Vejzovic’s company, MonetizeAd. MonetizeAd is the company behind LimitedCharm. Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, and Spain are just a few of the nations in which this corporation exports health and beauty products. Through affiliate networks and the company’s website, sales are made feasible. 

Deceptive Reporting In contrast, some problems with LimitedCharm’s products were discovered by Tragac’s investigation. Client complaints have been made, with the complaint being that the things in issue have either not been delivered to them at all or, if they have, do not correspond with the descriptions given. These products are classified as “scams or fake products.”

Mersad Vejzovic: How was the entire fraudulent scheme uncovered by a leaker?

The matter under consideration seems to entail a complex web of purportedly fraudulent actions connected to cryptocurrency campaigns, broker scams, and connections between several distinct companies. MonetizeAd, MonadLead, Adria Media Group, and Igor Zezelj appear to be involved in this. This proves that Mersad Vejzovic took part in the offense.

Mersad Vejzovic and the company he works for have been identified as key participants in the allegedly fraudulent operation. An accusation that seems to have been made against them is that they helped brokers deceive through fraudulent cryptocurrency promotion.

When brokers commit scams, they usually utilize deceptive tactics to lure unwary victims into investing in cryptocurrency or illegal financial products, which allows the scammers to take the victims’ money.

Thanks to a confidential source, the public learned for the first time that MonetizeAd and MonadLead were involved in these dishonest operations. Those who expose unethical activity occurring within a company or sector are known as “whistleblowers.”

Investigative media groups have taken an interest in the problem, such as the Serbian BIRN (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network), and they have conducted their investigations into the situation. These publications most likely found information about the purported scam as well as further connections.

Adria Media Group and Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd have some intriguing connections, according to the investigation’s conclusions. There are connections or relationships between the two groups, based on the reports. In the Serbian media landscape, Adria Media Group is said to be an empire.

Igor Zezelj is the beneficial owner of Adria Media Group, based on the information supplied. This suggests that he either exerts a great deal of control over the newspaper empire or controls a sizable portion of it. 

While the details of these relationships remain undisclosed, Zezelj probably had some involvement in the operations under investigation for potentially fraudulent activity.

The scenario is portrayed as a continuous process of identifying fraudulent activities, which supports the idea that further information may become available if the inquiry is conducted for a longer amount of time. Additional data and connections might be required to shed light on the scope of the purported fraud scheme and the participation of additional entities.

Going forward, I’m concerned that Mersad Vejzovic’s company, MonetizeAd, may have made many contacts to set up this fraudulent ad scam.

Balkan Connections with Mersad Vejzovic

The material I have unearthed indicates that many organizations are involved in illegal operations mixing cryptocurrencies and online advertising, with a particular focus on Serbia and the Balkan region. An explanation of the main ideas is provided below:

 The Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin System scams are well recognized for deceiving people into purchasing bitcoins with the promise of enormous profits—only to leave them with losses in the end. These schemes, which prey on unsuspecting investors and operate in Serbia and other nations, have been around for a while.

As per the findings released by BIRN, an extensive study of the fraudulent activities linked to Bitcoin Up and other similar scams has been published by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN). The results of this analysis showed that more businesses with operations in the Balkans were accountable for deceptive advertising.

Participating in the project is MGID, a well-known marketing firm with its headquarters located in Ukraine ( BIRN discovered proof that MGID had posted deceptive adverts on Serbian websites after conducting their research. MGID has an outstanding reputation for its ability to match marketers with sizable audiences since it maintains such a broad and diverse network of advertising partners.

The investigation uncovered the Midas Network’s involvement in the crime. The network is run by Midas Network d.o.o. and has its headquarters in Zagreb. There are suspicions that this company used that location to post deceptive advertisements.

According to Serbia’s history of fraud, the capital city of Belgrade has long been a key player in a wide variety of scams that are carried out all over the world. The fraudulent binary options industry was headquartered in Israel, and it was led by Israeli entrepreneurs in the “fintech” sector starting in about 2010. 

Boiler rooms, places where people would use high-pressure sales techniques to persuade clients to part with their money, were frequently used by these dishonest online trading enterprises.

Journey to the Ukraine In 2018, a considerable proportion of the owners of these fictitious companies and boiler rooms relocated to Ukraine. This development was prompted by the desire for further lower operating costs and possibly fewer restrictions, making Ukraine an alluring location for such activities.


Consequently, my final statement is that Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd is an unregistered company that is facing several legal troubles, deceptive advertising tactics, and other problems. It is an untrustworthy and illegitimate company. Furthermore, I can offer you a plethora of additional links that you may utilize to bolster your argument regarding the accuracy of the information I just gave you. A list of these links is provided below:

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