Sexual Assault Charges on Neal Smead? (2024)


Neal Smead, a Williamson County native, is an experienced sales representative for the RedEx Corporation who excels at nurturing customer relationships and surpassing company benchmarks. 

According to the CCSO, a woman reported that an acquaintance attempted to sexually assault her in her own residence:

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office reported that Neal Smead, a 29-year-old man from the Naples area, was apprehended on Monday for attempting to sexually assault his friend’s wife at her residence. Smead now faces charges of attempted sexual battery and resisting an officer with violence. The incident was reported by the woman a few hours after it occurred, and deputies were dispatched to her residence at 5:45 a.m. to investigate.

According to the report, the woman’s husband, who was at work, had requested Smead or his wife to assist her with their ailing cat, which required intravenous medication that could only be administered by two people. The woman reported to the deputies that her cat’s health had deteriorated on Sunday night, and her husband had contacted Smead for help. Subsequently, Smead arrived at the woman’s residence after midnight to provide assistance.

According to the CCSO, after assisting the woman with the IV, Smead restrained her forcefully by holding her down with his body weight while she sat on a chaise lounge. The woman, who has multiple sclerosis and is 5 feet tall, repeatedly asked Smead to stop, but he refused. Eventually, she managed to free herself from his grip.

Smead then proceeded to expose himself and demanded the woman to perform a sexual act, which she declined. She told him to leave, and he started to gather his belongings while she went to the master bathroom to check on the cat. However, Smead unexpectedly barged into the bathroom, pinned the woman against the wall, and attempted to remove her pants. Despite her repeated pleas to stop, he persisted.

In a struggle to free herself, the woman hit Smead with her shoulder, which caused him to release her. As per the report, Smead masturbated into a cloth and left the premises. When questioned by investigators at his home, he denied the allegations made by the woman. Upon attempting to arrest him, Smead resisted and struggled with the deputies before they were able to detain him. He now faces charges of attempted sexual battery and resisting an officer with violence.

Sexual Harassment- Crime for which Neal Smead was accused.

Any form of harassment that involves overtly sexual connotations, whether explicit or implicit, such as unwanted and inappropriate promises of incentives in exchange for sexual favors, is referred to as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can occur verbally or physically. A variety of behaviors are classified as sexual harassment, ranging from verbal insults to physical or sexual assault. In a variety of social contexts, including the workplace, the family, the school, and places of worship, harassment can take place. Victims or harassers may be any gender.

In today’s legal frameworks, sexual harassment is prohibited. Because there is no “general civility code” enforced by laws pertaining to sexual harassment, simple teasing, casual remarks, and small, isolated incidences are typically not prohibited. When harassment occurs frequently or severely and creates an offensive or hostile work environment, or when it leads to a negative employment decision (like the victim being demoted, fired, or quitting), it may be illegal in the workplace. However, cultural differences exist in the legal and societal interpretations of sexual harassment.

One type of unlawful job discrimination is when an employer engages in sexual harassment. Preventing sexual harassment and defending employees against allegations of sexual harassment have emerged as crucial objectives in legal decision-making for numerous firms and organizations.

Wrapping it up:

Investigators later questioned him about the incident, he denied the allegations, but he was eventually taken into custody by deputies. This disturbing incident highlights the importance of reporting any incidents of sexual assault to the authorities and seeking help from law enforcement.

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