Violating RPC Allegations on Padraic Deighan? (2024)


About the Lawsuits Against Padraic Deighan:

The concerns at hand were first brought to our attention by the District IIIB Morals Council (“DEC”) in a proposal for advice, followed by moral inquiries after the hearing. While we were initially hesitant to address these issues formally, we now believe it is vital to do so. Following careful review, we have decided to issue a reprimand for the respondent’s unethical behavior.

The respondent was admitted to the New Jersey bar in 1986 and has a law practice in Haddonfield. On August 31, 1992, the respondent got a confidential censure for violating RPC 1.4(a) (now RPC 1.4(b)) (failure to communicate) and RPC 1.16 (failure to protect a client’s interests following termination of representation) in the case of Padraic B. Deiqhan, DRB 92-285.

In the current case, the respondent was accused of violating RPC 8.4(c) (dishonesty, deceit, or misrepresentation) in the Bradshaw matter; RPC 5.4(a) (sharing legal fees with a non-lawyer), and RPC 5.5(a)(I) (unauthorized practice of law) in the Sterne case; and RPC 5.5(a)(I) for another issue. The respondent was also accused of violating RPC 8.4(c) in a matter involving Richard Holdren and RPC 5.5(a)(i) in a situation involving Stuart Cartier. The Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE) attempted to dismiss these counts before the start of the hearing due to the deaths of both complainants, which prevented the OAE from proceeding further. The motion was granted.

The Florida Bar, acting as the complainant, filed a complaint against the respondent, Patrick James Thompson, in line with the Florida Bar’s Rules.

The Florida Bar alleges the following.

The respondent is and has been a member of The Florida Bar since October 8, 2007, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Florida.

The respondent has practiced law in Volusia, Orange, and Osceola counties, Florida.

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee “A” found probable cause to bring this complaint under Rule 3-7.4 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, and the complaint has been approved by the managing member of that committee.

Listed below are some of the general allegations:

  1. The respondent divided fees with a non-lawyer. The individual was a part owner and corporate officer at his law company.
  1. Padraic Deighan is a Nevada-based attorney with a New Jersey law license. Most crucially, he does not have a license to practice law in Florida.
  1. William Howell, Jr. is a non-lawyer with extensive experience in third-party timeshare exit/divestment transactions. In addition, he has broad marketing and advertising experience.
  1. On October 13, 2015, Howell established Timeshare Lawyers, Inc. in Florida, appointing Deighan as vice president and president, and Howell as secretary/treasurer.
  1. Respondent, Howell, and Deighan indicated in January 2016 that they were one-third proprietors of Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.
  1. Respondent was the only attorney licensed to practice law in Florida hired by Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.
  1. Respondent confirmed that he and Deighan were partners at Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.
  1. Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.’s primary goal was to negotiate with resorts on behalf of clients to resolve their timeshare contracts and assist clients in obtaining an exit from their timeshare maintenance payments.
  1. Timeshare Lawyers, Inc. was referred to as a law firm.
  1. The respondent managed client cases for Timeshare Lawyers, Inc. in 2016. He also worked with resorts on the client’s behalf to avoid timeshare contracts and eliminate timeshare maintenance fees.
  1. In 2016, Timeshare Lawyers, Inc. paid the respondent $60,000.00 in salary, $70,000.00 in dividends, and $60,000.00 in legal fees.
  1. Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.’s “marketer” was Howell.
  1. In 2016, Howell owned Orlando Ventures, LLC.
  1. Timeshare Lawyers, Inc. and Orlando Ventures, LLC occupied adjoining suites.
  1. Howell, through Orlando Ventures, LLC, provided clients to Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.
  1. In 2016, Howell sent about 1,000 people to Timeshare Lawyers, Inc.
  1. Howell sourced clients from “transfer companies”.

About Padraic Deighan

Padraic Deighan is a skilled lawyer headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Padriac has a strong interest in education; he earned a master’s degree in management from the College of William and Mary, a top research university in Williamsburg, Virginia, before pursuing a law degree at Penn State University’s Dickinson Law School. With a great interest in the medical field, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Quantum Analysis.

After finishing his post-secondary education, Padraic worked mostly in corporate regulation, supporting customers in navigating the complexities of the legal field. Thus, based on his medical knowledge, Padraic eventually made financial progress and had an impact on the development of medical spas in his industry. Padraic became CEO of the largest organization of dermatology and plastic surgery medical spas after integrating medical dermatology and aesthetic services.

After selling the company in 2005, Padraic returned to the legal profession, where he now represents significant authority in medical care regulation, assisting experts in recovering the charges they are entitled to from insurance companies.

In his spare time, he spends time with his family and enjoys gathering with friends for dinner whenever possible. Aside from his loved ones, he enjoys reading, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Padraic Deighan is always eager to manage his destiny. Several years ago, he witnessed college football players at a bowl game. They were at the pinnacle of their game – top schools and top performers – but they needed to be good enough to play professionally. A large proportion of them never completed their qualification. These were young people, approximately 21-22 years old, who were at the pinnacle of their profession. However, they were immediately left with no choice. They moved from the top to the bottom for the time being. 


Finally, you can read the article to learn more about Padraic Deighan. The article provides brief facts about Deighan.

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