Fake PR Allegations on Legally Mine? (2024)


Legally Mine says they’re one of the first companies in the US to protect people’s assets. Dan McNeff took over in 2007 and changed their strategy to focus on fully protecting members. They’ve helped over 15,000 people since then.

Their legal team knows a lot about estate planning, protecting assets, lowering taxes, and defending medical licenses. They help doctors across the country with advice and resources to keep their assets safe. Legally Mine also teaches doctors how to avoid getting sued and offers affordable protection.

The company’s structure is set up to give members the best service and plans. Each department, like the Speakers and Away Sales Team, legal, executive director, and client coordination, works together to help clients. Legally Mine is well-known for protecting its members and having a skilled team of specialists.

Real Reviews of Legally Mine: What People Are Saying

“Avoid This Company!”

Amy warns others to steer clear of Legally Mine, calling them “robbers.” She recounts an incident where the company charged her doctor boss’s card without consent for a large sum after a deposit was made. Despite promises of a refund, Amy claims she hasn’t received one after multiple attempts to contact them. She advises others to avoid them entirely, suggesting they belong in jail rather than in business.

“Don’t Sign Up!”

Dana advises against working with Legally Mine, labeling them as potential scammers. She mentions promises made by presenters that were never fulfilled and difficulties in getting refunds. Dana urges readers to check negative ratings on Google and the Better Business Bureau before considering their services.

“Dishonest Thieves”

Jamie shares a negative experience with Legally Mine, branding them as “dishonest thieves.” Despite some success with asset protection, Jamie criticizes their tax services, claiming they filed taxes incorrectly and were unresponsive to complaints. Jamie warns others about their dishonesty and expense, suggesting they have a pattern of blaming clients for issues.

“Legally Mine is a Scam”

Monica accuses Legally Mine of being a fraudulent company that preys on professionals. She describes difficulties in contacting them and alleges deceptive tactics in handling credit card information. Monica advises against sharing personal information with them and suggests researching their negative reviews on Google and the Better Business Bureau before engaging with their services.

“Legally Mine: Just After Your Money”

Sean’s Warning: “Avoid registering with these people. They’re only interested in taking your money. To them, ‘Legally Mine’ means the money they’re after. They haven’t made any progress and adamantly refuse refunds even without starting any work. Buyer, beware!”

“Not Recommended”

Garth’s Experience: “I don’t recommend them at all! They pressure you to sign up but won’t refund your money when no services are provided and you ask for one. Not reliable.”

“Beware of Legally Mine”

Katherine’s Cautionary Tale: “Attending a late-night ‘Legally Mine’ presentation by the Stanislaus County Dental Society, I found their legal plan intriguing. But without my husband’s input, I hesitated. Despite Christian Crabtree’s assurance that he wouldn’t charge my card without my husband’s approval, he did so anyway. Now, reversing the charge requires a ton of paperwork and hassle. Their insistence on signing up immediately for ‘special pricing’ should’ve been a red flag. My CPA and lawyer confirm it’s about 60% too expensive!”

Legally Mine Reviews: Fake PR

Legally Mine uses Fake PR to enhance its positive image in the eyes of the general public. They attempt to conceal any unfavourable information that may be available somewhere.

Fake PR Article

Legally Mine Reviews: Legal Action



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