Scam Charges on Wealth Assistants Amazon? (2024)


Wealth Assistants has been exposed as a scam by numerous victims online. Many customers have pointed out that Ryan’s supposed success is based on paid PR and fake reviews.

Before falling victim to this con artist, take a moment to read these Wealth Assistants Amazon reviews.

About Wealth Assistants

Wealth Assistants claims to be a platform and service for managing e-commerce businesses. They say they can help with buying, growing, expanding, and maintaining online stores. They even offer to help you sell your store for a profit down the line.

While this might sound appealing, many people are skeptical because similar ventures have failed before. People are interested but worried about losing their money, as Wealth Assistants has gained a reputation for being talked about in a negative light.

How Wealth Assistants Works

Wealth Assistants offers training courses and tools to help people build wealth, although the exact process isn’t clear. Participants supposedly receive personalized coaching, access to a community of like-minded individuals, and ongoing support from experts. However, details about how coaching is provided and the expertise of the team members are unknown.

Members are said to gain access to real estate deals and investment opportunities, but it’s unclear how these opportunities are sourced or what profits members can expect.

About Ryan Caroll

Ryan Caroll describes himself as a content creator and businessman, known as the “matrix breaker,” who founded Wealth Assistants.

The company helps clients generate passive income by managing eCommerce sites using proven methods and automation. Ryan claims to use his extensive knowledge and research to help others achieve returns greater than traditional investing methods like real estate and stocks.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial skills date back to his youth, where he made a significant profit from a small investment in his first online store. He discovered his business acumen and shifted his focus from creative pursuits to business.

Apart from running Wealth Assistants, Ryan is also focused on creating media and content, particularly on social media platforms, to expand his expertise.

Wealth Assistants Amazon Reviews

One user cautioned against services like Wealth Assistants, citing past experiences with similar programs being fraudulent. They advised avoiding such services to prevent falling into traps where financial loss is the individual’s responsibility.

The user questioned the trustworthiness of someone who starts multiple ventures but abandons them midway, expressing concern about the security of the money invested by regular people.

Many people are skeptical about the lack of negative reviews or experiences regarding Wealth Assistants, considering it suspicious.

They believe that in today’s age, even reputable news can seem dubious, and positive information or accomplishments can be purchased through sponsored reviews or articles.

Public relations professionals can manipulate perceptions by maintaining a favorable reputation, making it difficult for individuals to trust blindly in influential figures without fully understanding the situation.

“This company is a scam”

A user wrote:

This company is a scam. They haven’t provided any inventory to retailers, and all they offer are excuses. It’s gotten so bad that they’ve backed out of their profit-sharing agreement and promised clients “100%” of the profits from sales. The problem is, the year-long guarantee is about to expire and they have nothing to sell. It’s pointless. They’re likely going bankrupt, and there’s little chance of getting your money back. If you’re involved, I’m sorry. If not, do yourself a favor and get out now.

The user also revealed how negative comments are deleted and wrote:

I’ve never seen a company work so hard to erase bad reviews while blatantly spreading false information. I have evidence of my experience with the company, so my review is verified, and there’s no need to respond to the revised version.

You can see the ratio of positive to negative comments. Their PR team works around the clock to remove any information that exposes their true nature.

“I don’t recommend Wealth Assistant”

He doesn’t recommend Wealth Assistant because as a new customer, he’s struggling to keep up with them for his store. Nothing has been done in 90 days. He’s concerned that the contract is worthless because they haven’t addressed a problem with their internal payment system that arose two months ago. He continues to request an ETA through email every day, but all he receives are apologies for the delay. He advises against signing any contracts that rely on information provided by the salesperson.


Based on the findings, we cannot suggest Wealth Assistants as a trustworthy way to build wealth and achieve financial independence. While it promises benefits, there’s not enough clear information on how it works or what members can actually gain.

Moreover, many people have shared negative experiences and complaints online, feeling they were misled by the service. It’s important to do thorough research and choose a program with a reliable track record if you’re aiming for financial success.

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