Fraud Charges on Dr. Simon Ourian? (2024)


Dr. Simon Ourian, MD, founded Epione Beverly Hills in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California. He is credited with developing the Coolaser and Coolbeam techniques. Dr. Ourian’s clientele includes celebrities such as the Kardashian-Jenner family, Victoria’s Secret models, Hollywood stars, and musicians.

Celebrity Customers

Dr. Simon Ourian serves as the lead cosmetic dermatologist for the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, gaining widespread recognition after being endorsed by Kim Kardashian. He has also performed numerous surgeries on Kylie Jenner, another member of the family. Additionally, celebrities such as Malika Haqq, Brandi Maxiell, Miss Colombia, Meghan James, Lady Gaga, beauty YouTuber Nikkie, and Lisa Vanderpump have all sought his services.


Dr. Simon Ourian’s rise to fame was propelled by social media endorsements from Kim Kardashian, which attracted more celebrities to his clinic, earning him the title of “Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist” online.

However, it’s important to note that Dr. Ourian lacks residency training in dermatology. While he holds a California medical license and received some anaesthetic training, this doesn’t qualify him as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

His claim of developing an interest in dermatology and aesthetics during his time at UCLA is misleading, as he didn’t receive formal training in these fields.

Furthermore, his license was revoked in 2009 due to numerous charges filed against him by the California state government. These charges included incompetence, gross negligence, persistent negligence, and poor record-keeping. He was also accused of creating false documents and deceptive advertising, as well as allowing unlicensed individuals to perform medical procedures in his office.

Rumors suggest that Dr. Ourian allowed someone posing as a nurse to conduct a facelift in his office, which is a serious violation of medical ethics and regulations.

Following an investigation into numerous allegations, the State of California opted to strip Dr. Simon Ourian of his medical license, although the revocation was postponed, sparing him from total forfeiture. Instead, he was placed on a five-year probationary period, during which he had to fulfill several requirements.

During the probation, Dr. Ourian had to complete 45 hours of medical education, with a focus on areas where improvement was deemed necessary. He also enrolled in a clinical training program, covering aspects like ethics, clinician-patient dialogue, and maintaining medical records. Crucially, he was prohibited from practicing independently and from managing physician assistants.

Despite completing the probation and having restrictions lifted, Dr. Ourian’s legal troubles persisted. He faced multiple medical malpractice lawsuits and clinic-related litigations, raising concerns about patient satisfaction and treatment quality. Notably, Dick Van Dyke’s wife publicly criticized Dr. Ourian’s procedures, citing severe bleeding and scarring following a treatment referred to as “lipo freeze.”

Furthermore, Dr. Ourian’s trademarked procedure, “Cool Laser,” drew scrutiny for its unclear efficacy. Other dermatologists expressed doubts about its success rate.

Negative reviews and complaints about Dr. Ourian’s treatments have surfaced on various platforms, including, despite attempts to remove them from the internet.


Dr. Simon Ourian’s reputation extends beyond his celebrity clientele like Kim Kardashian. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with utilizing celebrity endorsements to promote medical practices, potential patients need to look beyond the glitz and glamour. When considering a cosmetic dermatologist, it’s vital to research their qualifications and confirm whether they are certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

Opting for a doctor with proper residency training in the relevant field increases the likelihood of achieving desired results and ensuring a safe recovery.

Patients should also investigate any past legal actions or complaints against the doctor and consider the experiences of previous patients. Armed with this information, individuals can make informed decisions about entrusting their health to a particular medical professional.

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