Fake PR Allegations on Yacov Geva? (2024)


Who is Yacov Geva?

Yacov Geva is a well-known businessman who specializes in medical technology and remote patient monitoring. He has had a remarkable career, having risen to the top of profitable companies such as LifeWatch AG. He currently holds the combined positions of president and CEO of G Medical Innovations, a business leading the way in developing cutting-edge mobile health technologies.

However, beyond the glistening success façade, there is a cloud of controversy that calls into question Geva’s moral character as a professional. There have been rumors that he has resorted to dubious methods and unethical behavior. This exposé addresses the truthfulness of these charges while attempting to provide an unbiased portrait of the man behind the corporate façade.

Removing the Deceitful Layers

Despite a successful professional trajectory, Geva is accused of embellishing his public profile through misleading PR operations. This strategy, often known as “fake PR,” involves using a variety of venues to spread false information about oneself or one’s company.

According to reports, Geva made use of websites including About, Crunchbase, ValiantCEO, and AccessWire.I and others were included in this well-planned ruse. These platforms functioned as channels for the publication of stories and interviews that presented Geva and his businesses in a positive light. But a deeper examination reveals a darker story that is hiding beneath the surface.

The Appearance of Trustworthiness

The use of seemingly trustworthy channels to disseminate interviews and articles, thereby giving the content a sense of legitimacy, is central to Geva’s purported strategy. Sites like ValiantCEO appear to be impartial, creating the appearance of dependability and genuineness. Unfortunately, reality frequently deviates from this appearance of validity.

In actuality, these platforms give people and companies complete freedom to tell their own stories about their brands. Through complete control over the information they share, they may present a clean picture free of any unpleasant or controversial aspects.

Revealing the Latent Disputations

Yacov Geva presents a respectable front, but the positive interviews and articles that circulate on these platforms neatly obscure her contentious past. His involvement in controversial conflicts is demonstrated by his legal battles with respectable organizations such as Boustead Securities LLC and G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd.

Furthermore, his business actions have given rise to grave ethical problems in light of his role in the offshore leaks incident. His reputation has been damaged by claims of tax evasion, money laundering, and other illegal activity, which have involved about 810,000 offshore firms in the dispute.

The Skill of Diversion

The technique of diversion, which involves drawing attention away from the lingering disputes and charges, is central to Geva’s purported method of operation. Instead of tackling these problems head-on, he deftly turns the focus to success stories and acts of creativity.

By regularly highlighting the accomplishments of his business, including the creation of thirty-one at-home test kits and the acquisition of contracts with well-known hospital consortia, Geva purposefully diverts attention from the moral quagmire that is devouring him.

Making the Case for Transparency

The foundation of moral business practices is transparency, which builds confidence among all parties involved—investors, staff, and customers. People such as Geva damage trust and compromise the integrity of the business environment when they use dishonest methods to hide the facts.

The Need for Accountability Now

Considering the seriousness of the accusations made against him, Geva must answer for his actions. It is his job to address these charges directly and take ownership of any wrongdoing. Confidence can only be restored via unflinching responsibility, protecting the integrity of the business ecosystem.



A sobering reminder of the need for ethics and transparency in business is provided by the Yacov Geva case. Truth and accountability should never be compromised in the name of projecting a positive public image, even though this is normal for people and businesses.

Demanding openness and holding individuals and companies accountable for their actions are our duties as stakeholders. By doing this kind of surveillance, we can only guarantee the integrity of the business environment and protect the interests of all parties involved.


Based on reports and public records, this article presents information. The objective study of the charges against Yacov Geva and his purported use of fake PR is its main goal. We have made every attempt to guarantee that the information is accurate, but we still encourage readers to do their research and come to their conclusions. 

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