Scam Charges on Mike Dreher? (2024)


Mike Dreher was fortunate to begin his teenage years with the mind-blowing experience of relocating from Canada to Venezuela. This instilled in Mike an eagerness to learn about and visit other cultures, which he has carried with him ever since. It also provided him with the realistic knowledge that not everyone in life is as fortunate as others.

Following the move back to Canada Mike’s family maintained a ranch during the 1980s, when interest rates destroyed everyone else’s jobs and homes. During this time, Mike recalls his parents working full-time while also maintaining crops, large landscaping, and livestock. Mike attributes areas of courage, hard work, and perseverance to this period of his life and his parents.

Mike’s family eventually relocated to the city, where Mike attended college; but, after requiring two years of formal education and also working all day, he felt that something was missing. To find it out, he left Canada on what may be a three-year hiking adventure around the world. Mike once stated, “Adventure is what nourishes your spirit & reveals you the stuff you are capable of”. 

Mike Dreher: Revealing the Questionable Past

The Bhutanese have discovered that the two masterminds underlying the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Pyramid Scheme in Bhutan, which sells expensive Enagic Water Ionizers, are two guys named Mike Dreher & Darren Ewert from Vancouver, Canada.

The couple runs a massive web-based network called the ‘Dream Team’, the primary driver behind registering countless Bhutanese in Bhutan and Australia as ‘Digital Business Owners.’

Although Enagic is a multi-level marketing company in Japan, it actively recruits people like Darren & Mike to buy its machinery.

Mike and Darren’s organization has over 100,000 members, most of whom are from Asian countries, particularly the Philippines.

Bhutanese are required to spend USD 149 to join, USD 20 to build up a site, and a further Nu 550,000 to purchase overpriced Enagic water ionizers, which allows them to qualify as salespeople.

Mike and Darren are the ones who collect the USD 149 and receive hefty profits on sales generated by their Dream teammates in Bhutan.

With approximately 100,000 people around the world, the two would earn a simple USD 14.9 million (mn) in USD 149 charges.

Furthermore, irrespective of whether a large portion of the individuals, 50,000, bought the computers to be merchants, the two would have generated between USD 200 million and 300 million in sales, with the two receiving a sizable portion of the fee. Furthermore, in the future, when wholesalers choose various people through transactions, Mike & Darren will receive a portion of the incentive.

Being investigated by BBB 

In late 2019, Better Business Department (BBB), a non-benefit and reckoned business rating office that has evaluated around 400,000 organizations in Canada and the USA, opened its investigation concerning the ‘Better Life Buzz’ (BLB) online stage utilized by the two (among different stages) to pipe individuals into the ‘Dream Team,’ after grumblings were recorded against the duo.

BBB said the free online course of 60 to 90 minutes is optimistic and inspirational rather than informative. BBB mentions that the online course gives no particular insight concerning the affiliate marketing program.

The couple mentions that the program needs to offer the required details for the watcher to comprehend how the program works or what their venture will be.

They see access to trainers, high-commission items, and a sales funnel, but no information about what the individual watching is supposed to do to earn six to seven figures per year.

According to the BBB, the online course does not clarify why it is being offered to others.

On August 16, 2019, BBB demanded that BLB provide data. One is the median, average, and range of incomes for participants in the program. Another point raised in the webinar is the mention of a sales funnel and how it is demonstrated. It also posed many questions. The BBB has not received any responses to the inquiries.

With no response from its two primary MLM agents, BBB downgraded the Enagic organization’s rating from A+ to C-.

The two also have a business Facebook page called ‘Mike and Darren’, which promotes their business in a perplexing and straightforward manner, provides nonexclusive virtual entertainment advertising tips, and participates in the way-of-life promotion of extraordinary food, areas, home upgrades, and so on.

Because Facebook prohibits the promotion of ‘get rich quick’ schemes or plans that offer unusual and unrealistic returns, such as MLM organizations, members of the ‘Dream Team’ frequently have their Facebook notice accounts restricted or disabled.

On February 2, 2022, the Darren and Mike Facebook page published a post offering a live online course to its members on how to create another business page, how to prevent Facebook tracking and cookies, how to change the Wi-Fi design, how to change the server access and IP address if necessary, when to run new ads, what type of promotions to start with, and how to regain Facebook’s trust. 

Who is Mike Dreher? 

Mike’s expert career after university included positions in public relations, corporate marketing sales and marketing, business coaching, and business ownership. All of this, combined with a long time of movement and degrees focusing on culture and legislative concerns, has helped him in his online profession.

Mike has worked online since roughly 2014. Today, he helps a local community with a large number of online businesses from all over the world. Mike went on to say, “It’s turned into a development of sorts,” He is overjoyed that he has now helped thousands of people not only realize their full potential but also start their successful online businesses.


Finally, read the write-up to learn more about Mike Dreher. You will also discover about Mike’s dubious background.  

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