Fraud Charges on Darren Ewart Vancouver? (2024)


Darren Ewert, the co-founder of The Dream Team or CVO, is a creative, influential, and thought-provoking individual. Darren’s leadership and vitality have contributed to the growth of a successful real estate empire and business.

Darren Ewert hosts the Leader Roundtable Interview Series, which features renowned international speakers and businessmen, the most popular creators, co-founders and CVOs, and creators. The article crew at DotCom Magazine is happy to have Darren participate in the Chief Roundtable Interview.

Darren Ewert has a very high achievement rate. He has the most internet enterprises. Darren has had an extraordinarily low client attrition rate over his 5.5 years in this profession. Weekly webinars feature widespread success stories from a variety of individuals.   

Darren Ewart Vancouver: Unraveling the Unusual History 

According to documents discovered by the Bhutanese, two Canadian males named Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert are suspected of masterminding the large Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) pyramid scheme in Bhutan that peddled pricey magic water ionizers.

The Dream Team, an enormous online network managed by both corporations, is the deciding factor in the selection process for several Bhutanese individuals living in Australia and Bhutan to take on the position of ‘Digital Business Owners.’

Enagic, on the other hand, is a Japanese MLM company that hires people like Darren and Mike to persuade customers to buy their devices.

With about 100,000 members, Darren and Mike’s network is mostly concentrated in Asian countries, with the Philippines being the largest region.

Bhutanese must spend USD 149 to join this network, USD 20 to construct a website, and Nu 550,000 for membership.

In addition to the USD 149, Darren and Mike receive higher commissions on sales completed by their Dream Team members in Bhutan.

With an estimated global membership of 100,000, the two could easily earn USD 14.9 million from the USD 149 fees alone.

Even if that were the case, fifty thousand members would have paid to be distributors of the gadgets. In this scenario, the two would surely have made between $200 million and $300 million. Both parties would receive a considerable portion of the commission. In the future, when both distributors acquire new members through sales, Darren and Mike will keep a share of their commission.

Bhutanese participants must pay USD 149 + USD 20 for website setup and an additional Nu 550,000. Even more so when they buy distributorships for Enagic water ionizers at astronomical prices.

Darren and Mike made the first commitment of USD 149 and are eligible for the highest commissions on sales generated by their Dream Team members.

There are 100,000 members globally, thus the two could easily generate USD 14.9 million (mn) in fees from 149 USD.

With a significant commission component, the two persons would have made between USD 200 million and USD 300 million in revenue, even though half of the members, or 50,000, purchased the machines to become distributors. Furthermore, Mike and Darren will continue to be entitled to a share of the distributors’ commissions when they introduce new members through sales.¬†¬†

About Darren Ewart Vancouver 

During a 2015 road trip, Mike and Darren reflected and decided that it was the ideal time to make a change in their lives. Darren, who was having amazing success in the web business at the time, has built an enormous wealth over the last four years. Mike worked as a business mentor, leveraging his significant 15-year business history and passion to help others achieve success. So, what triggered the need for a transition?

Because life is brief, you will realize this soon if you haven’t already. Concurrently, you will probably realize that you have wasted a significant amount of time merely being worried about life. Your oversight spans a wide range of important aspects. This is precisely what imposed an unbearable weight on them.

Mike and Darren noticed they were producing a large number of wealthy individuals while working for long periods. One of them, in particular, had the expertise and aptitude to form a group that successfully generated income online. Darren and Mike decided that day that it was the ideal opportunity for them and others.

A new situation has arisen at this point. A tumbler of espresso is relished first thing in the morning rather than erupting. Because Darren and Mike combine their professional hours into their personal life, we no longer miss those critical moments. We accomplish this by putting in a fraction of the effort we previously did while making more money. However, what is the most notable feature?

Daily, Darren, and Mike are energized by the thought that they can help others achieve a similar opportunity for extra time and financial resources to enjoy during that time. Life is more fun when it is shared, and they are always able to help their community refocus on the most important aspects of daily life by making memories with family and friends. 


Finally, let us read the complete article to learn more about Darren Ewart Vancouver.   

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