Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Charges on Dr. Frank Roach? (2024)


Dr. Frank Roach, an Atlanta-based dentist, was recently arrested on charges of domestic abuse and sexual assault. These significant accusations stem from the worrisome history of individual discipline by the Georgia Board of Dentistry. This article examines the most recent allegations made against Dr. Frank Roach as well as his previous disciplinary records in an effort to throw light on a troubling pattern of behavior. Both the patient and his partner are accused of undergoing sexual assault and domestic violence. The article provides information regarding his dentistry practise, previous disciplinary measures, and the circumstances preceding his arrest.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Reports from the Past

Dr. Frank Roach, an Atlanta dentist, reportedly sexually abused a female patient while she was getting dental work done. The patient accused him of mistreating her, and he was charged with a crime. In addition, he faces charges of domestic abuse against his girlfriend, which include using a pistol and assaulting her physically. After his girlfriend reported the alleged assault to the police, there was a standoff at his house involving the SWAT squad. After being taken into custody, he was charged with several charges, including aggravated assault, criminal property damage, false imprisonment, and carrying a firearm while committing a felony.

Past Misconduct in Disciplinary Matters

The Georgia Board of Dentistry has previously punished Dr. Frank Roach, an Atlanta dentist, for a number of different reasons. In July 2007, among other reasons, his dental license was permanently canceled due to an alcohol issue. Later, the board reversed the punishment and put him on strict probation. Despite several drug relapses, Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta was allowed to return in 2010 after serving a seven-year probationary term. This disquieting pattern raises questions regarding his conduct and patient safety even if he satisfactorily completed the probationary requirements.

The Conversation and Arrest

Dr. Frank Roach, a dentist in Atlanta, barricaded himself in his Brookhaven house following the allegations of domestic abuse, leading to a confrontation with the SWAT team. After using robots to scan the area and firing flash grenades, authorities were able to capture him. He was ultimately charged with multiple crimes and taken to the DeKalb County jail in relation to the domestic abuse incident.

A dentist’s licensing and practise status

Following his arrest, Dr. Frank Roach’s Norcross, Georgia, dentistry office’s website and Facebook page were removed. Although the Georgia Department of Community Health confirmed that he is a licensed dentist, no official action has been taken against his license as of yet.

Everything about Atlanta dentist Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta claims to have over 20 years of experience in dentistry. The clinic is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In addition, he asserts that during the course of his career, he has continuously maintained his position at the top of his industry by staying up to date on the newest practices, products, and technology in order to provide his patients with the best care and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, he says that giving his patients the most advanced and sensitive dental care is a top focus for Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta. He takes great pride in his commitment to offering the best dental care possible to the people he serves.

Getting dental care as soon as you notice signs of tooth decay or a cavity is one of Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta’s main tenets. Prompt action can prevent the problem from worsening and potentially escalating into more significant oral health issues. He says he stresses the importance of routine dental exams and early identification in order to maintain excellent oral health and prevent tooth disorders.

He goes on to claim—a completely false and incorrect claim—that Dr. Frank Roach, a dentist in Atlanta, places a high priority on patient care and strives to provide the most innovative solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. Another claim he has made on many websites to improve his reputation is that patients receive the best treatment and outcome possible because of his experience, modern dental materials, and cutting-edge technology.

Important Steps and Strategies to End Domestic and Sexual Abuse

The prevention of sexual assault and domestic abuse requires collaboration between individuals, communities, and institutions. The following are some essential actions and strategies to help prevent and address these problems:

Consent education:

Make sure to stress the importance of consent in all types of interactions. Consent should be explained to people, along with how to obtain it and that it can be withdrawn at any moment. Consent education fosters healthier relationships and reduces the risk of sexual assault.

Sensitivity and Education:

Gaining more understanding of domestic abuse and sexual assault is necessary to alter attitudes and behaviors. Education programs can teach people the importance of respecting boundaries in communities, businesses, and schools as well as how to have healthy relationships and give consent.

Promote gender parity:

In order to counteract the harmful gender norms and prejudices that fuel violence, gender equality needs to be advanced. Reducing violence towards women and other marginalised groups can be achieved by advocating for equality, fostering respectful relationships, and dismantling patriarchal structures.

Establish Strict Laws:

Encourage and support laws that make sexual assault and domestic abuse crimes while safeguarding victims. Forcing justice to be served promptly and fortifying the legal system are two ways to dissuade potential criminals.

Optimal work environments:

Provide an environment at work where protecting employees and helping individuals who might be victims of domestic abuse are top priorities. Resources for employees and flexible work schedules may make it simpler for survivors to get assistance without fear of losing their jobs.

The Bottom Line

The latest allegations against Dr. Frank Roach, Dentist Atlanta, have demonstrated the troubled past of the Georgia Board of Dentistry’s disciplinary actions. The claims of domestic abuse and sexual assault raise serious questions about his behavior and the safety of the patients. The discovery of a cache of weapons and the standoffs with law police only serve to compound the problem. To ensure that justice is served, authorities will need to examine the accusations in considerable detail as the investigation moves forward. Patients and the general public need to be vigilant about their safety and faith in the healthcare system, and it is imperative that healthcare personnel be held accountable for their activities.

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