Criminal Allegations on Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso? (2024)


Rodrigo was born in Lima in 1998 and had a strong interest in current cycles and how things worked. He was intrigued by how much machinery he saw across Peru worked. He could imagine interior universes of gears, pulleys, and other devices working together in a display.

This early curiosity motivated him to focus on school, allowing him to attend San Pedro School and Universidad de Lima, two of the greatest universities in his area. Salas admired the school environment and saw it as an exciting way to learn and conduct research in his profession. During his examinations, Rodrigo obtained an Unmarried male of Modern design.

As he continued to find commercial activities fascinating, he devoted a portion of his top lessons to task organization and control, as well as inventory networking with executives. He was also intensely interested in a variety of topics that astounded his teachers and guardians. For example, he took inventory network classes to broaden his interests.

In addition to his four-year certification, Salas earned a CAE Diploma and Sprachdiplom Recognition while in school. These high-level announcements in unfamiliar dialects broadened his linguistic knowledge and made him a more appealing candidate for some corporations.

Rodrigo has benefited from such diverse training in a variety of ways when it comes to spending time in his area. For example, it has provided a well-balanced CV that demonstrates someone who takes his abilities and training very seriously.

His GPA and academic achievements speak for themselves, as he always received high grades and praise from his teachers. Surprisingly, he has aggressively circulated a few well-regarded publications that have influenced the supply chain area. 

Rodrigo’s various accomplishments 

Rodrigo Salas has a very extensive and remarkable CV for someone who has recently completed their education. For example, he completed a nine-month Real Estate Strategy and Operations internship with IBM, which helped him learn more about the subject.

He got this entry-level position while attending the Universidad de Lima, acing the movement without losing focus on his fundamental exams. This capability displays how he can appropriately divide his attention in the workplace without compromising his integrity or skill.

Rodrigo has also piqued the interest of other experts in Lima and beyond due to his thorough understanding of cycle investigation and Lean principles. During his undergraduate years, he worked hard to focus on these principles and was always looking for new methods to expand and develop his abilities.

Furthermore, he was not only as knowledgeable about these ideas as one could reasonably expect, but he also sought methods to expand on them. That astute and curious mind has previously earned him a lot of attention in his area, even outside of Peru. 

About Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso

The Peruvian was sentenced to four years in prison in Salamanca for free, and he was abused in Lima. The student who penetrated a mentally ill young lady on College New Year’s Eve in 2018 is not in jail; he has been granted a substitute penalty of deportation from the nation.

The Peruvian understudy was sentenced to four years in prison by the Common Court of Salamanca in April of this year for penetrating a young lady on College New Year’s Eve 2018 while she was out of her mind due to alcohol intake. Equity has granted him a 10-year replacement sentence for deportation from the country. On Friday, R.A.S.M. traveled to Lima, where he now lives freely.

According to LA GACETA, since the Provincial Court sentenced him to four years in prison and a payment of 10,445 euros for sequelae, injuries, and moral harms, the High Court of Salamanca decided on June 16, 2021, to grant the request for ejection documented by R.A.S.M.’s legal counsel, a decision pursued by the gatherings and now sanctioned by the Superior Court of Castilla y León (TSJCyL).

Also, as claimed in the request, it does so under Article 89 of the Penal Code, which allows for the substitution by removing any penalties of more than one year in jail imposed on outsiders, as long as they do not exceed five years of detention. 

Also, the TSJCyL understands that the supposition covered by the exemption for this article does not happen, or at least, halfway consistency with the sentence in Spain without bias to the resulting ejection because it believes that “such consistency isn’t important to guarantee the protection of the lawful request and reestablish trust in the legitimacy of the standard abused”. 

“We do not doubt the veracity of the actuality for which the conviction was made. However, it should be noted that there are factors that allow us to assume that this reality is relieved by conditions such as the convicted individual’s inebriation and the “incomplete repayment for the harm” because he kept 5,000 euros before trial.

It should be remembered that even though the Public Examiner blamed the Peruvian for the wrongdoing of rape and recommended a sentence of ten years in jail, the Commonplace Court sentenced him to four years in jail, understanding that there was maltreatment with lustful access, but not assault, because the understudy didn’t use power or terrorizing to conquer the young lady’s assent, something excessive either because she was oblivious to liquor co As proved by reality, the sentence stated that the young lady lived on Varillas Road with other students. On December 13, 2018, at College New Year’s Eve, he went out with a schoolmate after drinking alcohol.

They met in a supermarket with a group of countrymen and returned to their apartment together. Then they proceeded to a pub, and when the victim was heavily intoxicated, her accomplice, along with the litigant and three other men, dragged her to the floor and left her in her bed, dressed and covered with a sheet. Some returned, while others, including the individual in question and those who had been sentenced, remained on the floor. R.A.S.M. He took advantage of her obliviousness, desperate to satisfy his sexual desires, and entered her vagina without using force.

“I just aided her to get a hold of herself” 

R.A.S.S.M. He admitted at the preliminary hearing that he had vague memories of that day, that he had consumed alcohol and pharmaceuticals, and that he denied having sexual contact with the young lady. As he made sense of it, he went to her room, which he and other companions had left in bed minutes earlier because he was sick from consuming alcohol, but just to “give her a glass of water, after which she spewed, and assist her with reuniting.”

“I recollect his face a foot from mine”

The individual in issue, who realized that she was tanked that day, revealed what she remembered, including how she felt when she awoke, completely naked, surrounded by upchuck, anguish in the vaginal region, and injuries on her chest. Even though she stated that she only has “streaks,” she recalled that her face was very close to her, a range away.

Forensics: “Genital Contact”

During the forensic exams, natural and sperm remnants were discovered in vaginal regions. Similarly, remaining viable with the young girl was regarded as in the male. This would indicate that “there was genital contact between the litigant and the person in question.” 


You can explore the material to learn more about Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso.  

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