New Sexual Abuse Case on Matthew Cook of Maine? (2024)

Matthew Cook Maine

The accusation stems from a March 2018 event involving Matthew Cook Maine, and a lady who was 18 at the time. The event happened on the way to Bangor from a swim meet. A jury found Matthew Cook Maine not guilty on Friday. After a YMCA swim meets, the incident happened on the drive from Brunswick to Bangor. At the time, Cook and the woman were both swimming instructors. 

The jury reached their decision following a brief period of discussion and two days of testimony. During the trial, the accuser’s former friend and coworker, Diane Dickerson, the CEO of the Bangor Area YMCA, and the complainant, Cook, all gave testimony.

During the trial, Cook’s attorney, Jeffery Toothaker, urged the jury to hear both sides. He said that Cook’s relationship with the woman had led his client to believe his actions were justified.

The woman Accused Matthew Cook Maine of Unlawful Sexual Touching

According to Dickerson, Cook was inconsolable when he revealed what he had done to her. As soon as Dickerson learned about the incident, she put Cook on leave from the YMCA and launched an investigation. Cook took the stand to deliver his recollection of the March 2018 incident. Cook stated that a few false statements were made by the woman accusing him of Unlawful Sexual Touching.

State prosecutor Joshua Saucier conveyed his closing arguments to the jury, claiming that flirting and friendly conversation does not permit inappropriate touching. Saucier also stated that Cook had no explicit permission to touch the victim. In his closing arguments, defence attorney Jeffery Toothaker reminded the jury of the inconsistency of Cook’s and the accuser’s testimonies.

“Is she telling me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” “She’s not telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth because there’s been a lot going on in the last year and a half that she doesn’t want to admit to,” Toothaker explained.

Saucier stated after the trial that the accuser was disappointed with the verdict. He kept his remarks brief. “The victim is understandably disappointed in this case, but we respect the jury’s decision.” “According to Saucier. “We are committed to trying these cases regardless of the outcome.”

Matthew Cook Maine’s Attorney Jeffrey Toothaker Testified in His Defence

According to Toothaker, Cook is excited for his life to return to normal. Cook has been employed by UPS in Brewer. According to the defence, the former swim coach Matthew Cook Maine’s testimony was crucial.

“When the entire six months of events were considered, it painted a different picture than the one-sided one she painted.” So that’s how these cases go—he said, she said, and then you fill in the blanks. The friend really helped put what may have happened into context,” Cook’s solicitor, Jeffrey Toothaker, said.

“The victim is understandably disappointed in this case, but we respect the jury’s decision,” said Assistant District Attorney Joshua Saucier. “These are very serious cases for everyone involved, including the investigators, the attorneys, both on the defence and the state side, and any defendant who is accused.” Regardless of the outcome, we are committed to trying these cases.”

Cook’s lawyer says his client is sorry for the incident and is ready to move on with his life.

Final Thought

Matthew Cook Maine, a former Bangor Region YMCA swim coach, was accused of unlawful sexual touching by a woman who was 18 in March 2018. On Friday, after two days of testimony and a brief discussion, a jury found Cook not guilty of the sex crime. Cook’s accuser, Cook himself, and Diane Dickerson, CEO of the Bangor Area YMCA, testified during the trial. 

The defence claimed that the accuser’s testimony was contradictory and that Cook’s and Dickerson’s testimony painted a different picture of what occurred. Whatever the outcome, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Saucier stated that the state is committed to bringing these cases to trial. Cook’s solicitor stated that his client regrets the incident and is eager to proceed. 

This case emphasizes the significance of thoroughly examining claims of sexual assault while making sure that the defendant’s rights are maintained. Sexual assault cases can be challenging to establish. It’s critical to handle these situations delicately and compassionately while ensuring justice is done.

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