Benjy Grinberg and Rostrum Records: Fraudsters? (2024)

Benjy Grinberg

Lawsuits in the Music Industry

In the music industry, lawsuits and lawsuits against musicians are common legal disputes. The main subject of this article is Wiz Khalifa’s involvement in several lawsuits, one of which was filed by New York City artist Yury Merman.

Legal Concerns Regarding Wiz Khalifa

Recently, Wiz Khalifa has been embroiled in several legal battles. Earlier this year, he filed lawsuits against Benjy Grinberg, his former manager, and Rostrum Records. Fans also filed a complaint against Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg after an incident during their concert tour. However, a less well-known legal battle in New York City between singer Yury Merman and Wiz Khalifa proves to be a fascinating one.

The Yury Merman Claim

According to Yury Merman, a New York City artist, Wiz Khalifa owes him money for copyright breaches. Merman claims that Wiz stole his song for the remix of “iSay,” a Juicy J song off the “KHALIFA” album.

Yury Merman’s Background

Yury Merman is not a newbie to the music industry; he is a producer and musician with a portfolio of musical creations and copyrights.

How the Sample Is Made

In September 2011, Merman bought a unique French tune from the Apple Store. Then, for his song “La Plafond,” he created a unique tune by modifying and distorting audio. He continued to work on the song, collaborating with audio engineer Big Jerm at ID Labs and receiving assistance from them.

Connection to Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a regular visitor to ID Labs, where it is said that he handled the tampered sample without Merman’s knowledge. ID Labs, Big Jerm, and E Dan reportedly asked for the sample so Wiz Khalifa could use it in his song “iSay.”

Inadequate Credits and Invalid Use

According to Merman, Wiz Khalifa used the ID Labs sample for “iSay” without requesting permission from Merman or giving proper credit. Merman was not told where the sample came from.

Efforts to Resolve

Merman approached Big Jerm in October 2015 to assert his copyright rights, according to a text message exchange. Big Jerm acknowledged Merman as the song’s legitimate owner. Merman nevertheless asserts that he has not received payment for the unauthorized use of his material. Nevertheless, the accused parties have not complied with his documented requests.

Absence of Information

Merman did not know that Wiz Khalifa was using the sample because ID Labs handled things behind his back.

Seeking Unspecified Damages

Yury Merman is suing Wiz Khalifa for alleged copyright infringement, and he is requesting an undisclosed amount of money in damages.

Industry Response

We were unable to get in touch with Taylor Gang Entertainment or Atlantic Records, the businesses connected to Wiz Khalifa, for a statement.

Context: Benjy Grinberg and Wiz Khalifa’s Relationship

In 2014, popular musician Wiz Khalifa and his former manager Benjy Grinberg broke up. This separation resulted from Wiz realizing that not everyone in the music industry has an artist’s best interests at heart. This decision marked a sea change for Wiz, as it prompted him to sue his former management and attempt to avoid the 360 contracts they had signed. The 360 agreement was intended to provide Wiz with support in several areas outside the scope of a regular contract, but it came with the condition that Wiz would contribute a portion of his earnings to pay for this additional help.

Understanding of the 360-Deal

A 360-degree deal is a unique type of music contract that extends beyond typical production and distribution agreements between a label and an artist. In such a collaboration, the label agrees to assist the artist with songwriting, touring, and merchandise, among other things. For the additional services, the artist agrees to reimburse the label with a portion of their earnings. The label is able to split the many streams of income generated by the artist thanks to this arrangement.

Anger Management of Wiz Khalifa

When Wiz Khalifa signed the 360 deal with Rostrum, his label, they were the only ones representing him. But when Wiz discovered the agreement he had signed was not as clear-cut as he had assumed, his discontent grew. He felt that without revealing any further potential agreements, his manager, Benjy Grinberg, had bound him to a contract that exerted considerable influence over almost every aspect of his work life. Wiz’s main complaint, according to the lawsuit, is that Grinberg withheld information on possible substitute agreements that would have better served Wiz’s interests.

In court, defending Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten, highlights the critical role that a personal manager plays in an artist’s career. He stresses that a manager ought to be the artist’s most trusted advisor. In this case, Wiz’s manager, Benjy Grinberg, chose to follow business plans that were counterproductive to his goals. Weingarten claims that Wiz and his management lost trust in one another as a result of these actions.

Charges and Demands

Wiz Khalifa is asking for a substantial settlement in his legal case. Apart from the legal fees, he is requesting punitive damages over $1 million. These demands are based on the allegation that Benjy Grinberg’s alleged incompetence and lack of openness damaged Wiz’s career and image.

From Benjy Grinberg in response

Benjy Grinberg responds to the lawsuit by expressing amazement and dismay at Wiz Khalifa’s decision to break things off and sue him. Benjy Grinberg contends that the assertion is untrue and supports his actions. He highlights that he and his team have supported Wiz since the start of his career and portrays his actions as an unfortunate turn of events.

One of the Pioneers of Independent Hip-Hop, Benjy Grinberg

Benjy Grinberg and his label, Rostrum Records, have had a significant impact on the indie hip-hop scene. Benjy Grinberg is credited with bringing Pittsburgh’s unique sound to the attention of the general public with his collaborations with artists such as Mod Sun, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and DC the Don.

The Devastating Passage of Mac Miller

One of the major incidents that affected Grinberg’s career was the untimely death of musician Mac Miller, who had worked with Rostrum Records. Mac Miller’s inadvertent drug overdose in September 2018 had a big effect on Grinberg. After the tragedy, he found it difficult to return to his career and instead concentrated on ways to pay tribute to Miller.

Influences and history

Grinberg grew up in Pittsburgh and has always had a passion for rap music. Raised in the Squirrel Hill Jewish community, he first fell in love with rap music when he was a little child visiting Israel. His love of the genre was solidified when he saw a DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince show when he was eleven years old. Grinberg’s childhood exposure to a wide range of cultural events served as inspiration for his desire to work in the music business.

Promotion in Careers

After earning his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Benjy Grinberg started working in the music industry. Before joining Arista Records, he worked for the live-streaming company Digital Club Network, where he was supervised by A&R executive L.A. Reid. Finally, he founded Pittsburgh’s Rostrum Records with the intention of helping and endorsing gifted musicians.

Findings for Rostrum Records

Rostrum Records gained a lot of attention after Wiz Khalifa’s album “Rolling Papers” became well-known in 2011 and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. When Khalifa was still a young player, Grinberg signed him, and Grinberg was crucial to the advancement of his career. In addition, Mac Miller’s album “Blue Slide Park” enhanced the label’s standing and demonstrated the efficacy of Grinberg’s Pittsburgh talent acquisition strategy.


A hearing for Wiz Khalifa’s initial complaint against Rostrum Records was scheduled by a Los Angeles judge on August 1. The outcome of this hearing may provide more insight into the legal matter and the ensuing procedures.

Recovering from Disaster

Benjy Grinberg was deeply upset by the premature passing of rappers Mac Miller and Jimmy Wopo in 2018. It was hard for Miller to go back to work after his death and to cope with the loss. He resumed his usual activities, but he knew that Miller’s absence would have a lasting impact.

Rostrum’s Mistakes

In their cross-complaint, Rostrum Records and Grinberg contend that Khalifa owes them money in outstanding obligations and declare their desire to contest what they perceive to be untrue accusations. They express a desire to swiftly resolve the matter and stress their dedication to supporting the development of their artists.

Charitable Activities

In the Pittsburgh region, Benjy Grinberg has made a name for himself as a prominent philanthropist. He supported organizations including the Squirrel Hill Jewish Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club. The 2018 Tree of Life shootings affected him personally because of its closeness to his family, which inspired him to get involved in neighborhood initiatives.

Upcoming prospects

It is expected that Benjy Grinberg and Rostrum Records will have a major influence on the rap and hip-hop scenes going forward, both domestically in Pittsburgh and beyond. Grinberg’s commitment to recording albums and supporting musicians aligns with his drive and professional objectives.



The legal battle between Wiz Khalifa and Rostrum Records demonstrates the difficulties that have arisen in the relationships between artists and labels in the music industry. Financial mismanagement, contract violations, and unpaid obligations are the allegations in both cases. The judicial procedures, which begin when both sides present their cases, will determine the lawsuit’s conclusion.

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