H Bruce Bronson: Accused of making fraudulent representations (2024)

According to H Bruce Bronson, he has been running his own business for the last 20 years. Before that, he worked as a partner in several New York City small law firms. His extensive understanding of creditor-debtor law provides him with a unique advantage when defending clients. His areas of expertise are financial analysis and developing unique client solutions. H Bruce Bronson asserts that “consumers need not feel as though their debt is paralyzing them.” There are legal remedies available, and we are here to help them take advantage of those rights.

It has been alleged that a former partner of a legal firm submitted false claims to a bankruptcy court in the United States

John Roesser, a former partner at significant international law firms, was charged by US authorities on Tuesday for allegedly making fraudulent claims to a bankruptcy court to keep his multi-million dollar home and expensive sports car despite millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.

In an indictment made public in a federal court in New York, Roesser—a former international arbitration specialist—was accused of submitting forged paperwork and making false statements in the course of a bankruptcy case.

After being captured on Tuesday morning in Bronxville, New York, Roesser was scheduled to appear in court later that day. It was not easy to find out who was representing Roesser in court.

An attorney who had previously defended Roesser in the bankruptcy case, H. Bruce Bronson, declined to comment.

Roesser was connected to at least three esteemed law firms between 2013 and 2018, including Dechert, Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, and Alston & Bird, according to past court filings and public disclosures.

In 2020, Roesser resigned from the bar after acknowledging that, as a result of a post-arbitration settlement, he had stolen almost $100,000 from a client, according to records from a New York state court.

According to the complaint, Roesser owed the Internal Revenue Service almost $3 million in overdue taxes when he filed for personal bankruptcy in 2022.

Roesser was accused by the prosecution of lying to the IRS and the US bankruptcy court in New York, saying he would soon get millions from a real estate commission to pay off his debts.

According to the prosecution, Roesser allegedly gave false information to protect assets such as his home and an Aston Martin luxury sports car, implying that creditors may have taken possession of these assets if he hadn’t offered a workable repayment plan.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams, said in a statement that Roesser had “undermined and debased” the bankruptcy system in the United States.

Review from a Customer Regarding H. Bruce Bronson 

As a consequence of H. Bruce Bronson’s inability to handle legal matters, a great number of clients have encountered difficulties. It may be good to evaluate if the Bar Association and federal and state law enforcement organizations should concentrate on Bankruptcy Lawyer H Bruce Bronson himself rather than merely focus on the clients, whose interests have been hurt as a result of his activity.

A charge has been brought against H. Bruce Bronson for abruptly abandoning his clients, forcing them to fend for themselves or suffer the consequences of his dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, and other unethical and illegal conduct. It’s disheartening to watch customers go through hardships as a direct result of their trust in him.

The fact that a former partner at a law firm who has been accused of making false statements to the United States bankruptcy court has expressed deep misgivings about his character is noteworthy, although H Bruce Bronson has declined to comment on the case.

The case of H. Bruce Bronson highlights the necessity of conducting a comprehensive investigation and possibly involving the appropriate authorities to rectify the losses that were incurred as a result of his suspected inappropriate activity.

One of the former partners of a law firm is accused of making false statements to a bankruptcy court in the United States. 


To sum up, the case concerning John Roesser’s purportedly fraudulent representations made to the United States bankruptcy court highlights the grave consequences of deceit and dishonesty in legal processes. According to the indictment, Roesser’s acts have raised doubts about the bankruptcy system’s fairness and raised issues regarding the use of the judicial system for private advantage.

The fact that H. Bruce Bronson is defending Roesser during all of this legal turbulence just serves to complicate matters further. Self-employed lawyer Bronson has a great deal of expertise with creditor-debtor law. He got involved in a case where there were claims of fraud and deception.

Regarding Roesser’s legal procedures, Bronson’s decision to stay silent on the subject raises concerns about both his involvement and possible ramifications. The clients’ assessment of Bronson’s behavior, which has been highlighted, emphasizes how serious the matter is and how it has affected the people who trusted him.

The nature of the accusations against Roesser and Bronson makes it necessary for law enforcement and other appropriate authorities, such as the Bar Association, to look into their activities in great detail. The possible repercussions of their alleged misconduct highlight the necessity of justice and accountability to rebuild trust in the legal system.

In the end, the John Roesser and H. Bruce Bronson case is a sobering reminder of how crucial it is to preserve moral principles and honesty in the legal profession. It emphasizes the ramifications of departing from these guidelines and how important it is to maintain a responsibility to protect the interests of all parties concerned.

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