Legally Mine Reviews: A Scam? (2024)


Legally Mine says they’re one of the first companies in the US to help protect people’s assets. Jay Mitton started it, and later Dan McNeff took over in 2007, changing how they did things to focus more on making sure members are completely protected. They’ve helped over 15,000 people since then and are leaders in their field.

The legal team at Legally Mine knows a lot about things like planning your estate, protecting your assets, reducing taxes, and defending medical licenses. They give advice and resources to doctors across the country to help them keep their assets safe. Legally Mine also teaches doctors how to avoid getting sued and offers protection at a fair price.

At Legally Mine, they have different teams, like the Speakers and Away Sales Team, legal, executive director, and client coordination, all working together to give great service. They really care about protecting their members and have a strong team of experts. That’s why Legally Mine is well-known and trusted for protecting assets in the US.

Legally Mine Reviews: What People Are Saying About It

“Stay Away from Legally Mine!”

Amy’s Experience: “Don’t even think about using this company! They’re thieves! The doctor I work for was told she could review their services with her CPA after paying a deposit. But without her permission, Legally Mine charged her entire bill! It was a massive amount! When she said she wasn’t interested, they promised a refund. But despite countless emails, texts, and calls, there’s been no refund! Don’t trust a word they say! They should be in jail, not running a business.”

“Avoid Signing Up with Legally Mine!”

Dana’s Warning: “I strongly advise against working with Legally Mine! Read these reviews to see if they’re a scam out to take your money and run. They claimed we had time for due diligence and could get a refund, which they never honored. Gary Harker, their presenter, makes empty promises. And Ricardo Garcia won’t return the money. Check out the negative Google and BBB ratings. Stay far away!”

“Disappointing Experience with Legally Mine”

Jamie’s Thoughts: “Everyone else is right. They’re dishonest and don’t keep their promises. It took over six months to get a refund after being overcharged. Asset protection was okay, but they messed up taxes even after being told they were wrong. And when I complained to the BBB, they denied having a tax department! Check the BBB for more complaints. They always blame the client. They’re nasty, dishonest, and expensive.”

“Legally Mine: A Complete Scam”

Monica’s Warning: “This company is a scam! Don’t go near them. They target professionals, take your money, then disappear. Trying to reach them is a nightmare. They use deceptive tactics and hold late-night ‘dinner’ events to lure you in. Don’t give them your info! They fraudulently handle your credit card without consent! If you want your money back, prepare to sue. Beware! Read the negative reviews on Google and BBB. They’re all the same. Don’t trust them!”

“Legally Mine: Just After Your Money”

Sean’s Warning: “Stay away from these folks. They’re only interested in taking your money. The name ‘Legally Mine’ seems to refer to the money they’re after. Despite not making any progress, they adamantly refuse refunds. They even charge you without doing any work. Buyer beware!”

“Not Recommended”

Garth’s Experience: “I wouldn’t recommend them! They pressure you to sign up and then refuse refunds even when no services are provided and one is requested. Not trustworthy.”

“Beware of Legally Mine”

Katherine’s Story: “I attended a late-night presentation by Legally Mine hosted by the Stanislaus County Dental Society. Their legal plan seemed interesting, but I hesitated as my husband wasn’t there. Christian Crabtree assured me he’d only use my credit card info if my husband agreed after seeing a related video. But after consulting our CPA and attorney, we decided against it. I asked for a refund, but they charged my card anyway. Now, I have to go through a lengthy process to reverse the charge. Their ‘special pricing’ was also way overpriced, as confirmed by our lawyer and CPA. Watch out for their high-pressure tactics!”

Legally Mine Reviews: Fake PR

Legally Mine uses Fake PR to build its positive image in the eyes of common people. They try to hide any negative information available anywhere.

Fake PR Article

Legally Mine Reviews: Legal Action



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