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Charles Noplis asserts that he is an exceptional psychiatrist with over a decade of experience. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Kentucky in 2001. Following this, he obtained his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2008 and completed his psychiatry residency there in 2012.

Charles Noplis faces investigation following an altercation with a woman

The medical license of a psychiatrist in Louisville, Charles Noplis, had previously been suspended after he assaulted a patient in his office and a woman in a bar. Additionally, he has admitted to striking his wife.

On Tuesday, Charles Noplis pleaded guilty to assault in Dearborn County, Indiana. Last year, an article in the Courier Journal on addiction medicine featured Charles Noplis. He was accused of pulling his wife by her hair and arm from an SUV in a casino parking lot, causing her to suffer a concussion and sustaining a brain injury.

In response to two previous assaults in Louisville, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure placed Charles Noplis on a five-year probationary period on March 21. They determined that he had issues with “anger management and control.”

The court found that his actions “damaged the reputation of the medical profession” by “engaging in illicit behavior while under the influence of alcohol, which could lead others to seek treatment from professionals like himself.”

Following the Indiana case, the board reportedly initiated a second investigation into Charles Noplis, according to Leanne Diakov, the board’s general counsel.

Charles Noplis, a psychiatrist at Renew Recovery located at 9702 Stonestreet Road, did not respond to a request for comment. One of his attorneys, Fox DeMoisey, stated that they would challenge the medical board’s decision and claimed that the Indiana accusation stemmed from a contentious divorce.

DeMoisey’s attorney described Charles Noplis as an undoubtedly skilled and successful psychotherapist, purging his personality.

The First Incident involving Dr. Charles Noplis

According to the board’s findings, on August 2, 2015, Charles Noplis entered the women’s restroom at Gerstle’s Place in search of his date. Upon encountering her as she exited a stall, she questioned his presence, to which he responded by striking her in the head.

Subsequently, after being escorted out of the club by a doorman, Charles Noplis approached another woman standing behind her and struck her in the head, resulting in “concussive syndrome,” as stated by the board.

Despite Charles Noplis’s denial of both accusations, a hearing officer determined his assertions to be lacking in credibility.

In Jefferson District Court, Charles Noplis entered an Alford plea to misdemeanor assault on Marsha Johnson, signifying his acknowledgment of sufficient evidence for conviction while maintaining his innocence.

He was ordered to pay $821 in restitution for the woman’s medical expenses and undergo a drug use assessment. Although his conviction was later overturned, his plea remained a part of the board’s decision.

Furthermore, the board discovered that when Charles Noplis applied for the renewal of his medical license in February 2016, while the criminal case was pending, he falsely answered “no” to questions regarding ongoing criminal investigations or charges. According to DeMoisey, this was an oversight.

On March 16, 2016, nine months after the altercation with Johnson, Charles Noplis allegedly struck a patient in the head during an argument over the patient’s medication. The patient, identified as “Patient A,” reportedly shoved Noplis in the chest with his forearm prior to the incident.

Although Charles Noplis denied the allegations, claiming he would never resort to violence due to his extensive training in Jujitsu, a hearing officer deemed “Patient A” to be a credible witness who expressed remorse for his actions. The officer also noted the significant age and physical differences between the two parties.

Subsequently, on December 1, Charles Noplis was charged with two felonies: domestic violence inflicting serious bodily injury and battery by bodily waste, for allegedly spitting in his then-wife Jennifer’s face in the Hollywood Casino garage in Lawrenceburg.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Charles Noplis pushed Jennifer out onto the sidewalk while she was pumping milk for their infant in his Lincoln Navigator, resulting in a blow to her forehead.

Court records indicate that Charles Noplis entered a guilty plea to a reclassified minor felony charge on Tuesday and received a sentence of 365 days in jail, with all but two days suspended. He will not be required to serve jail time but will remain on probation for a year.

The complaint against Charles Noplis in Indiana was filed with the medical licensing board by Ken Kramer, a private investigator from Clearwater, Florida, who owns PsychSearch, a comprehensive database of psychiatrist records. In an interview, Kramer revealed their shared affiliation with the Church of Scientology, which vehemently opposes psychiatry.

Additional Charges Against Dr. Charles Noplis

In his latest endeavor, Nopli prescribes Suboxone, a medication combining the opioids buprenorphine and naloxone.

According to Charles Noplis, opioids bind to a receptor in the brain’s appropriate region. With Suboxone securely occupying this space, there’s no room for heroin or other related opioids, effectively deterring their use by blocking the euphoric effects. Naloxone is included to mitigate the risk of overdose.

Despite Suboxone’s controversial reputation, Charles Noplis remains undeterred.

Some medical professionals and individuals struggling with addiction avoid Suboxone and other medication-assisted therapies, advocating instead for abstinence and 12-step peer support as the sole paths to recovery.

However, addiction treatment experts argue that the abstinence-only approach is insufficient for many individuals grappling with substance addiction, asserting that it fails to address the complexities of the brain disease.

Moreover, the landscape of relapse has become increasingly perilous in recent years. With drug dealers now selling more potent heroin and meth, often laced with the even deadlier fentanyl, a single misstep can prove fatal.

Subsequent Developments

Renew Recovery, where Charles Noplis claims employment, emphasizes three fundamental pillars of treatment: establishing a robust support network, reshaping one’s lifestyle by forming new connections and frequenting new environments, and honing effective coping mechanisms.

Case Information Submitted by Dr. Charles Noplis


Upon receiving the complaint, Charles Noplis promptly contested the primary allegations. He argued that the court lacked jurisdiction to conduct the administrative procedures, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate the claim that his actions warranted disciplinary action.


Charles Noplis must address his issues with anger management, as unchecked anger has the potential to inflict significant harm on others, a characteristic that does not reflect positively on him. However, given his profession as a doctor, he is expected to exercise patience and compassion in caring for his patients.

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