John Margerison: A Criminal? (2024)


John Margerison is a Gold Coast-based philanthropist from Australia. He graduated from Bond University with a degree in commerce before starting his commercial endeavors. He’s started businesses in jewelry, real estate development, lending, IT software, and health services, among other sectors. John participates in philanthropic endeavors frequently. He helps people with impairments reach goals they otherwise could not afford since he is a humanitarian with a heart of gold.

He prefers philanthropic projects where you can observe the impact of your money and how they are being used. He has helped to provide 1.5 million meals for people globally over the last seven years. He helped 41 individuals escape Ukraine by buying tickets to Australia. He also contributed a sizable sum to assist 70 kids in escaping the sex trade. Initiatives to provide dental care to children who cannot afford it are also something he supports. 

The investigation found that Stuart Robert Backer left the country and “severed all ties.” 

Amid a parliamentary probe concerning the Synergy 360 consultancy firm, a crucial witness who was scheduled to testify has abruptly severed diplomatic connections with Australia. Unfortunately, John Margerison, who was a substantial contributor to Stuart Robert’s fundraising efforts and a previous co-owner of Synergy 360, has left the nation, and his current location is unclear.

It was anticipated that Margerison would make an appearance before the joint committee to address concerns regarding the procurement methods used by the National Disability Insurance Agency and Services Australia. There have been allegations that Stuart Robert, who held ministerial roles overseeing these agencies, received clandestine payments from Synergy 360 in exchange for government contracts. The company has denied these allegations.

Since Margerison was a crucial link between Synergy 360 and Robert, his sudden departure has given rise to an abundance of accusations. Margerison has decided to travel overseas rather than cooperate with the investigation to uncover the truth, although other parties have been working to unearth the truth.

Regarding Margerison’s ownership in Synergy 360, his role as a director, and the destination of monies declared by Robert, there are still questions that need to be answered. Those who are opposed to Margerison are strongly encouraged to reveal any information that they may possess concerning her behavior.

With the help of sworn testimony, Anthony Daly, a former insider at Synergy 360, asserted that the company had the purpose of providing Robert with financial support. As a result of this revelation, more inspection was conducted on contracts above $374 million that involved money from the taxpayers.

Amid the unfolding scandal, Robert resigned from his position in parliament, admitting the difficulties he encountered during his time there. However, despite this, his party was able to maintain control of the Fadden seat in a recent by-election, albeit experiencing a modest fall in the percentage of votes cast.

Stuart Robert’s businessman “severed all ties” with Australia, so he won’t be examined

The testimony of John Margerison was set to take place before a parliamentary committee hearing on government contracts, even though his attorney asserts that he is currently living outside of the country. 

To avoid being subjected to a parliamentary investigation, a businessman who is connected to the former Liberal MP Stuart Robert has asserted that he has terminated all relations with Australia. The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) was investigating charges that Synergy 360, a lobbying firm, had presented a scheme that would be financially beneficial to Robert. Robert fiercely denies these allegations.

An associate of Robert’s named John Margerison was scheduled to testify regarding the matter; however, he told the committee through his attorney that he currently resides outside of the country and believes that he is beyond the jurisdiction of the committee. Because of this discovery, the investigation came to a standstill.

Allegations stated that Synergy 360 intended to transfer shares from its former executive director to a business controlled by Margerison, with the ultimate goal of transferring monies to Robert. But Robert insists that he was not involved in any way.

Even if Margerison is not present, there are still lots of concerns regarding his role and the purported financial agreements he made with Robert. Despite this setback, the committee continues to have the right to submit the case to other authorities that are responsible for conducting investigations.

During the scandal, Robert decided to withdraw from his parliamentary position, which resulted in Cameron Caldwell winning the by-election that was held.

In the meantime, there are claims that Robert used his position to assist Synergy 360 in gaining clients; however, he has denied any misconduct in this regard. Margerison, the company’s largest shareholder, has connections to some different businesses, one of which being Global Impact Inc., which is connected to Matthew C. Freedman, a former associate of the convicted felon Paul Manafort. The fact that Freedman allegedly had direct communication with an Australian minister, although he was not a registered lobbyist, raises issues about his influence and relationships within government circles.

In connection with lobbying activities, Matthew C. Freedman proposed setting up meetings between Australian leaders, such as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and Scott Pruitt, the then-head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Freedman, however, insisted on keeping his involvement private. Freedman appeared to have just John Margerison and Stuart Robert as contacts in the Australian government at the time.

According to reports, Stuart Robert, a former minister who resigned from the Turnbull Ministry in 2016 following a contentious private trip to China, used his federal MP position to support the lobbying and consulting firm Synergy 360. Another person connected to these actions is John Margerison, a close acquaintance of Robert’s and a significant stakeholder in Synergy 360.

Emails reveal that Robert may have used his position to influence government decisions on behalf of his associates, despite his claims to be only a backbencher with no power. Among the government figures mentioned in the emails are Peter Dutton, the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection at the time, as well as other initiatives and meetings. Robert and Dutton belong to the same faction of the Queensland Liberal National Party.

Robert maintains that he received no financial benefit from his dealings with stakeholders, claiming that they were more like business associates and friends than officially recognized lobbyists.

Following the disclosure of these emails, Bill Shorten, the Minister for Government Services and NDIS, has demanded an examination of the ministries under his jurisdiction’s procurement practices.

John Margerison: The Person Behind the Mask of Philanthropy 

Recently, John Margerison has been mentioned in several situations. Margerison’s influence is evident in finance and philanthropy. Like every coin, this narrative has two sides. Margerison’s portrayal of his life may differ from the truth when we learn more.

An Overview

After working in real estate, Margerison moved into jewelry and then finance. Many significant corporations have noticed his trading choice automation algorithms. Margerison’s philanthropic activity and political ties have drawn controversy despite his success. 

Philanthropy or “Fake PR”?

It is problematic to label Margerison’s acts as “fake public relations” or generosity because it raises issues about his genuine motives and reputation. Margerison portrays himself as a philanthropist, asserting that he has made considerable donations to philanthropic causes such as the fight against the trafficking of children for sexual purposes and the provision of assistance to regions that are experiencing conflict, such as Ukraine. Critics, on the other hand, contend that his promotion of these activities through a variety of channels, such as Crunchbase and AccessWire, may be an attempt to control public opinion rather than true generosity.

Additionally, Margerison’s public image is made more complicated by the fact that he was involved in a scandal involving government contracts, specifically concerning a former member of parliament named Stuart Robert. Some allegations suggest that Margerison’s lobbying firm, Synergy 360, presented arrangements that would be beneficial to Robert. These allegations raise concerns about the transparency and ethics of their interactions with one another. The decision that Margerison made to live in a foreign country and to avoid being questioned by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit is another factor that contributes to the suspicions that he was involved.

Despite Margerison’s assertions of innocence and his efforts to put additional distance between himself and the inquiry, there are still concerns that remain unresolved, which cast doubt on his moral integrity and credibility. The fact that the committee can send the subject to other investigative authorities is further evidence of the gravity of the allegations.

To successfully navigate the truth, it is necessary to undertake an in-depth study and do a critical analysis of the narratives that are provided. To preserve the confidence of the general public, the case of Margerison demonstrates the significance of honesty and transparency. The act of concealing reality, whether it be under the premise of charity or rebranding, ultimately weakens confidence and integrity, which affects those who are affected by situations like these.


A cautionary tale about not believing everything that glitters is gold is found in the tragic story of John Margerison. There might be a less alluring side to him despite his seeming altruistic attitude. As we move forward in a world where digital media is increasingly dominating the conversation, it is imperative to remember the value of honesty, transparency, and integrity. 

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