Tanner Winterhof: A Fraudster? (2024)


Winterhof was a senior vice president in commercial banking at VisionBank at the time he allegedly faked documents that were crucial to the bankruptcy procedures, according to the Federal Reserve. The rest of the story will be covered in detail, but first, let’s get to know Tanner Winterhof a little more.

An Overview – Tanner Winterhof

When Tanner Winterhof first appears from the fields in Aurelia, Iowa, he seems to be a self-described supporter of farmers, but a closer look reveals a different picture. Even though he positions himself as a pioneer and teacher, recent events cast doubt on his reliability and commitment to the values he claims to support.

Winterhof, who co-hosts the “Farm4Profit Podcast” and has stated that he is committed to supporting farmers, has come under fire for his recent involvement in a financial scam.

During his tenure at VisionBank of Iowa, he was reprimanded by the Federal Reserve for allegedly forging paperwork, resulting in substantial losses for the bank. Winterhof’s ability to serve the farming community has been called into question due to his use of faked signatures and his supervision of the improper use of loan earnings, among other unethical conduct.

Winterhof’s quick move to Availa Bank, where he was able to secure a position as an executive vice president and loan officer, raises more questions about the hiring practices of financial organizations.

Availa Bank promptly removed Winterhof from their staff page after he garnered public notice, even though they claimed to be unaware of any investigation against him. This episode highlights possible ethical violations and a lack of due diligence during Winterhof’s career.

Despite his stated commitment to environmentally friendly practices and fostering community within the agricultural industry, Winterhof’s activities at VisionBank reveal a contradicting reality. Public trust in his advocacy efforts has been weakened by the scandal, which has also raised questions about the authenticity of his professed devotion to farmers’ welfare.

Ultimately, Tanner Winterhof’s brilliant public image is questioned due to his recent financial crisis involvement and problems with honesty and transparency. Whether farmers and other farming community members, who would have looked to him for leadership, genuinely think he is dedicated to their cause is a matter of debate.

Executive Tanner Winterhof Resigns Amid Claims of Iowa Bank Forgery

After allegedly falsifying documents at VisionBank of Iowa, which caused the bank to suffer large losses, Tanner Winterhof was censured by the Federal Reserve. Winterhof was successful in landing a job at another bank even after his expulsion from VisionBank last year.

According to the Federal Reserve, Winterhof falsified documentation, including a subordination agreement, about loans he provided to a customer.

Official Federal Reserve Enforcement Action

The Federal Reserve stated in a formal enforcement action that Winterhof’s conduct ultimately cost the Bank at least $100,000 in legal fees and losses because “the documents at issue were central to subsequent bankruptcy proceedings to which the Bank was a party.”

Winterhof specifically allegedly falsified Melissa Dyer’s initials on a “subordination agreement,” which distributes loans based on importance, on a loan executive position at the Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency, according to a bankruptcy filing that listed VisionBank as a creditor. The FSA then informed VisionBank that the subjection agreement was fake.

According to the bankruptcy declaration, Dyer’s name was misspelled in the phony signature.

According to the Federal Reserve, Winterhof “directed that a customer’s loan funds be used in a manner that was contrary to the intended use of the loans as stated in the useful financing documents,” and his actions “showed a deliberate or persistent disrespect for the safety and soundness of the Bank.”

Winterhof consented to the release of the Fed order and promised to follow its instructions. Still, he is under no need to admit or deny any wrongdoing. The verdict takes effect on September 26 and prevents Winterhof from holding any position of leadership in any banking institution.

According to the Fed, VisionBank fired Winterhof in January 2022. Speaking to CNN, Heather Miller, CEO of VisionBank, stated that she currently has “no further clarification, beyond what was released by the Federal Reserve.”

Availa Bank’s statement as well as ignorance

According to Winterhof’s LinkedIn profile and the bank’s previous staff page, he then went to Availa Bank, which has its headquarters in Iowa, where he held the positions of vice president and loan officer on Thursday.

Nevertheless, Availa Bank removed Winterhof off their staff page shortly after CNN called the bank to get a statement. Winterhof is no longer with the bank, an Availa representative emailed CNN to confirm.

In a statement, Lisa Irlbeck, Availa’s director of marketing, education, and outreach, said, “Availa Bank was not aware of any investigation against Mr. Winterhof at any point, and any measures initiated by the Federal Reserve System against Mr. Winterhof are entirely unconnected to Availa Bank and its customers.”

CNN reports that despite being asked to comment multiple times, Winterhof only responded with an automated email indicating that he was not in the office. Furthermore, after CNN began to inquire about it, he deleted his LinkedIn page.

As previously noted in Winterhof’s LinkedIn bio, “I know in a strong business relationship the trust runs on both sides of the street,” implies that he works hard to gain and maintain the trust of each and every one of his clients.

I am excited to show my enthusiasm for money to each and every one of my new clients. Everyone who works with me knows right away that I am passionate about helping people achieve financial success.

Winterhof has wanted to work in the banking industry since he was a little child, according to a description that was published by the Iowa Bankers Association. In addition, he is the host of the Farm4Profit podcast.

To provide the most satisfying customer service experience possible, you need to put in the effort to understand the needs of the consumer.

This then translates for me outside of my profession in a variety of different ways, says Winterhof, at home with my family, with friends in the community, and with guests when we perform podcast interviews.”

My experience in the financial sector has made me a lot better than I was previously, but I still don’t think I’m very good at this.


In summary, the Federal Reserve’s accusations that Tanner Winterhof falsified documents caused VisionBank of Iowa to sustain large losses. Following the bank’s deliberate disregard for safety and soundness, the Federal Reserve took official enforcement action against it, resulting in about $100,000 in damages and associated legal problems.

The Federal Reserve’s order terminated Winterhof’s job, but he was hired by Availa Bank after being fired by VisionBank. Refusing to look into Winterhof, Availa Bank claimed that neither the bank nor its clients were affected by the Federal Reserve’s actions.

Winterhof had always placed a strong emphasis on trust and financial success in his business collaborations. He never answered queries from the media and removed his LinkedIn profile. His job caught people’s attention because of his childhood ambition of becoming a banker and his hosting of the “Farm4Profit” podcast.

This example demonstrates the challenges faced by financial institutions in maintaining employee honesty as well as the dangers associated with workers changing banks in the midst of legal proceedings. Winterhof’s abrupt departure from Availa Bank raises concerns about the banking industry’s hiring due diligence by bringing to light the allegations and regulatory ramifications he encountered.

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