Oren Ahronson: A Criminal? (2024)


Oren Ahronson: Legal Issues related to him

The remarkable strategic business acumen that Oren Ahronson possesses has been mainly responsible for his rise to prominence in the world of business. This acumen has been the driving force behind the unprecedented success that his company has achieved.

The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and Dan Cohen, a former judge and former director of the IEC, are now engaged in a serious court dispute. In 2005, Cohen, who was 71 years old at the time, was facing indictment for allegedly receiving huge payments from international firms, notably Siemens, while he was working at the International Energy Commission (IEC). The IEC has filed a substantial case against Cohen, which is valued at $200 million.

Along with Siemens and Shlomo Daniel, who is Ahronson’s brother-in-law, this action, which was filed in the Central District Court, also involves Oren Ahronson, who is a member of the board of directors of the International Energy Agency (IEC). Cohen and his colleagues are accused by the International Energy Commission (IEC) of engaging in fraudulent and corrupt actions to influence the awarding of a contract that was worth more than half a billion euros. According to the allegations, Siemens allegedly offered payments to Ahronson and Daniel in exchange for Cohen’s assistance in getting the contract for the acquisition of gas turbines and services related to them.

Cohen, who had fled to Peru more than seven years ago to avoid allegations against him, was recently threatened with extradition back to Israel as a result of Peru’s decision to modify its position against extradition agreements. After Cohen’s return, he was taken into custody and put on trial for a variety of offenses, including bribery, fraud, breach of trust, and obstruction of legal procedures.

Following his departure from Israel, Cohen had been subjected to two separate interrogations by the Israel Securities Authority in connection with allegations of bribery. He decided to flee justice in 2005, even though he had been warned and had declared his innocence. As a result, he is currently considered a fugitive from the law. Israel had attempted to negotiate a plea deal with Cohen, but his demands were not realistic. Israel had been unsuccessful in this endeavor. The decision made by Peru to extradite him ultimately resulted in his return to Israel, where he would be subject to legal consequences.

In the year 2009, Cohen was indicted for bribery, fraud, and other major offenses, although he was not present for the proceedings. Before his appointment to the board of directors of the Israel Electric Company in 1991, he had previously worked as a judge in the Beersheba District Court district.

Moving on to Oren Ahronson and his professional history, the following must be mentioned:

Having earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Bar Ilan University, Oren Ahronson is highly regarded as an entrepreneur. Over twenty years, he has been instrumental in the establishment and management of technology enterprises. Most notably, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens in Israel, where he was responsible for handling a variety of industries, including Power, Industry, Transportation, Healthcare, and Communication.

In 2009, Ahronson began actively participating in the process of investing in and mentoring innovative Israeli enterprises, thereby making a substantial contribution to the expansion and development of these companies. OverSi Technologies is the company that he is currently working for as a business owner.

Oren Ahronson

The profiles of Oren Ahronson on Crunchbase and Linkedin: 

The proprietor of the company Oversi is identified on Crunchbase as Oren Ahronson. There is now a detailed bio of the individual.

Currently holding over 500 connections and 1,148 followers, Oren Ahronson joined LinkedIn in 2008.

According to Oren Ahronson’s LinkedIn biography, he draws from a two-decade career spanning executive leadership positions, highlighted by his time as CEO of Siemens in Israel and founder of PowerOffer, InLoop, and Evolution Energy, among other cutting-edge technology companies. He started @OverSi, a specialized consulting organization devoted to establishing connections between Israeli businesses and international markets, after pursuing this fruitful career path. 

Four Men Are Under Question in the $16 Million Siemens Bribery Incident Concerning Israel Electric Corporation 

The prohibition order that was previously in place has been lifted, thereby disclosing that four individuals have been cautioned by the Israel Securities Authority and Israel Police in connection with their alleged participation in the receipt of $16 million in bribes from Siemens AG. It has been reported that the purpose of these bribes was to exert influence over the tender process for turbines at the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) power stations.

The following individuals are being targeted for investigation:

  • Oren Ahronson: Former manager of the Energy and Industry Division of Siemens Israel. Former manager of Siemens Israel’s Energy and Industry Division, Oren Ahronson previously held this position.
  • Shlomo Daniel: Ahronson’s brother-in-law and the owner of Oakfield Ltd. In addition to being Ahronson’s brother-in-law, Shlomo Daniel is the proprietor of Oakfield Ltd.
  • Anton Mitchell Dalin: An Ahronson-affiliated forex dealer. A foreign exchange dealer who is affiliated with Ahronson is named Anton Mitchell Dalin.
  • Haim Bar-Nir: Recently left the organization after serving as the deputy manager of the IEC planning division.

Previously held the position of deputy manager of the IEC planning division, Haim Bar-Nir has lately resigned from his position at the organization. It is essential to take into consideration the fact that Dan Cohen, a former judge on the District Court, is currently serving a term of six years in jail in connection with this scenario. 

It was determined that he was guilty of accepting a bribe from Siemens in the amount of NIS 4 million, and Ahronson was the primary witness that the state presented against him.

It is believed that Oren Ahronson and his accomplices performed the role of intermediaries in the transfer of the bribe of sixteen million dollars from Siemens to Bar-Nir and Dalin by making use of a variety of bank accounts located in other countries. Furthermore, Ahronson is suspected of impeding the inquiry and the administration of justice by concealing facts on the bribery plan while it was being investigated. The investigation is also looking into the possibility that Ahronson and Daniel were the recipients of the bribe in the form of commissions that they reportedly earned for their role as facilitators.

A considerable amount of $1.4 billion in bribes that were used to enable numerous business deals is at the center of this bribery scandal in Israel, which is a part of a larger global problem involving Siemens.

In light of these recent events, the chairman of the International Energy Commission, Yiftach Ron-Tal, highlighted the significance of discovering the truth and demanded that an exhaustive inquiry be conducted. In addition to reiterating the company’s dedication to fighting corruption, he made a vow to fully cooperate with the necessary authorities. In addition, Ron-Tal expressed his satisfaction with the progress that has been made in the current inquiry and asked the authorities to bring the matter to a conclusion.


In a well-known case involving alleged Siemens bribery, the Israel Electric Corporation filed lawsuits against former directors Dan Cohen and Oren Ahronson. With Cohen presently serving a prison sentence for his involved conduct, the $200 million lawsuit raises awareness of complex corruption claims. A well-known businessman named Oren Ahronson is being investigated for his possible role in the controversy. This case highlights the commitment to eradicating corruption in corporate settings, and law enforcement agencies continue to pursue legal action against all those involved.

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