Matthew Piell: A Sex Offender? (2024)


Matthew Piell of Synergy Manufacturing Group describes himself as a growth-oriented leader in the C-suite. Matthew Piell, who has over twenty years of expertise in the industrial industry, joins the company claiming to be a green energy market specialist.

According to Executive Vice President Matthew Piell, who is a member of the Synergy Manufacturing Group Board of Directors, the company has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in its region. After graduating from Alabama’s Southeastern Bible College, Matthew Piell says he has over 17 years of experience in construction, sales, operations, finance, and real estate. Working with Hap Gwaltney, Matthew Piell received insight and understanding for the project Greystone.

A brief overview of Synergy Manufacturing Group

Synergy Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer and innovator of high-end automotive performance components. The majority of these parts are produced in the US for the off-road aftermarket. Our business has focused on producing and selling high-quality suspension systems and products since 2005. Our company offers a complete range of off-road-related goods that greatly improve a vehicle’s on-and off-road capability, performance, and appearance in addition to suspension elements. Recent R&D initiatives have also produced a number of innovative new products for the transportation, maritime, and off-road aftermarkets in addition to other motorsports.

Matthew Piell turned himself in the Trussville “peeper” case

A man from Trussville who was charged with spying on the changing room of a nearby clothing business has surrendered.

After being taken into custody on two arrest warrants for criminal surveillance, Matthew David Piell was freed on bond. Investigators say a customer discovered him spying on two victims in the Trussville changing area of The Pants Store with his phone. As Matthew Piell was driving away, he was captured. On March 15, Matthew Piell is expected to appear in court.

What exactly is Voyeurism? (The crime for which Matthew Piell has been accused)

Briefing a little about Voyeurism

The interest in witnessing other people undress, go nude, or have sex is known as voyeurism. In general, watching is more fascinating than the subject of the watching. The person observing is called a voyeur, albeit they may equally be called a peeping Tom.

One essential aspect of voyeurism is that the subject of the observation is unaware that they are being seen. The person is typically at a place like their home or similar private area where they have a legitimate expectation of privacy.

Originating from the Latin word “videre,” which itself comes from the French word “voir,” the term voyeur means “to see.” Voyeurism is the term for the practice of getting sex from secretly viewing or watching somebody while they are either nude or participating in any intimate or sexual activity such as bathing, undressing, etc., or doing anything that would normally be considered “private.” Because they believe they are in complete privacy and because they have not given their consent, victims of voyeurism are unaware that they are being watched, videotaped, or photographed. ‘Voyeur’ or ‘peeping tom’ are terms used frequently to describe vigilantism.

Types of Voyeurism

Initially, voyeurism was defined as physically peering into homes, bathrooms, or other private spaces through windows, doors, or peepholes to observe a person engaged in some intimate behaviour. However, with the advancement of technology, voyeurism is now committed through electronic gadgets, and electronic voyeurism has become a popular habit among voyeurs. It has grown easier and more convenient for people to capture intimate moments without being physically present. The hidden camera can be installed in changing rooms, bathrooms, or other similar locations to film the victim naked or in obscene situations. Voyeuristic content is being utilised as revenge porn since these recordings or images are released and used to blackmail the victim, which both mentally and physically harassed the victim.

Voyeurism and the Role of Technology (The crime for which Matthew Piell has been accused)

Every day, technology evolves in this technological age. The convergence of new image-making technologies and sites, such as digital photography and video, the Internet, CCTV, camera phones, webcams, reality TV, and so on, has greatly aided in the spread of voyeuristic culture among the masses. “Research on cameras with remote swivel and zoom capabilities shows that white males observe and record a disproportionate number of women and minorities.” This raises a red flag, implying that a recording is only as objective as the person operating the camera.  The “new sexual affordances” of modern technologies, as Jeff Hearn has eloquently termed them. 

Camera Phones, for example, have radically transformed photography practices, bringing about both a heightened pervasiveness and a heightened intimacy, as well as new impromptu opportunities to capture covert images. Covert footage of celebrities raises ethical concerns. Capturing voyeuristic images without the knowledge or consent of the person so photographed, and subsequent circulation of such images, is of a larger concern that needs to be addressed.

Penalty for Voyeurism (The crime for which Matthew Piell has been accused)

If convicted of such crimes, perpetrators may face a variety of penalties, all of which are influenced by the facts of the scenario, such as the ages of both the victim and the defendant, and which are increased if there is a history of previous convictions.  If charged with a third-degree crime, incarceration can range from one year to five years in prison, up to five years on probation, and up to $5,000 in fines. In other situations, such as those charged with a second or subsequent violation, video voyeurism could land offenders in prison for up to 15 years.

Concluding with some of the tips for how to avoid Voyeurism(The crime for which Matthew Piell has been accused)

  • Pay attention to their surroundings when in public areas like dressing rooms or restrooms.
  • In general, pay attention to your surroundings, but especially in crowded areas like the beach.
  • Bring little children with you when using public bathrooms.
  • Examine their cars before you get in, especially the back seat.
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