Steve Marino MI: A Sex Offender? (2024)


State Representative Steve Marino Mi, who cursed at Mari Manoogian and wished for her car to blow up while she was driving to work, vowed to ruin her life, according to text messages and other court records. Come learn more about him and his claims, then.

The Steve Marino Mi-Manoogian Debate: Violence and Injury in the Michigan State Legislature

Mari Manoogian and Steve Marino Mi have been charged with abuse and making threats. Following their breakup, Manoogian filed for a personal protection order against Marino, alleging verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. Marino is receiving criticism from the public over the allegations, which he denies.

Marino’s concerning statements and texts are revealed in Manoogian’s court documents. In an undated message, Marino cursed, vowed to “destroy” Manoogian, and expressed hope that her car would blow up while she was driving to work. Since Marino started acting aggressively in early 2020—after their four-month romance ended—Manoogian believes that Marino is emotionally disturbed.

In court, Manoogian detailed Marino’s mistreatment and threats. He had threatened to blow up her car and cursed her, she claimed. Marino threatened to confront her at work in his text messages.

Manoogian recounted experiencing physical abuse at Marino’s home. It is said that Marino hugged her till she started crying.

Marino was granted a personal protection order by Lisa McCormick to protect Manoogian from permanent harm. Kelly McClintock, Manoogian’s attorney, presented proof and claimed to obtain this one-year injunction.

Mike Rataj, Marino’s lawyer, announced that he will apply to overturn the confidentiality order so that the case can be heard in court rather than in public. Marino has denied any misconduct and referred to the accusations as politically motivated character assassination.

As everything was going on, House Speaker Jason Wentworth removed Marino from every committee and the Michigan State Police began an investigation. House Minority Leader Donna Lasinski allegedly changed Manoogian’s parking space in light of the circumstances. The case has generated discussion in the Michigan State Legislature.

Charges for Text Message Stalking Rep. dropped by Steve Marino Mi. 

The district attorney’s office in Ingham County, Michigan, has decided not to file a stalking complaint against Representative Steve Marino of Macomb County due to text messages he sent to Representative Mari Manoogian of the state legislature. Manoogian, a former romantic companion of Marino’s who is currently bitterly divided from him, accused Marino of mistreating his family.

Lead investigator for sexual assault, domestic abuse, and crimes against children, Sarah Pulda, has confirmed that she concluded that charging someone was not suitable in this particular case. She explained that her decision to drop the charges came from her inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Stalking charges were requested in a case that the Michigan State Police had sent to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. Harassment and stalking are treated equally under Michigan law.

While Mike Rataj, Marino’s lawyer, remained silent on the decision, he did applaud the prosecutors for their wise decision. Rataj offered his proof to support his assertion that there were no real grounds for pursuing a stalking case.

Manoogian’s defense lawyer, Kelly McClintock, has refrained from commenting on the current situation. Manoogian, a Democrat from Birmingham, had alleged that Marino, a Republican from Harrison Township, had repeatedly threatened and harassed her following their breakup in 2019. 

Although Marino acknowledged that the two had communicated, he flatly denied the accusations of abuse, labeling them as a “politically motivated character assassination.”

Manoogian took action, reporting the incident to the Michigan State Police and asking a Lansing court to grant him a personal protection order. In reaction to the threat, these two actions were done. She requested an injunction, and it was granted after she provided printouts of several text exchanges in which Marino insulted her, used derogatory language, and even mentioned wanting her car to blow up. 

As per the court documents from Ingham County, Michigan, Marino texted one undated message that stated, “I’m making it my life mission to destroy you.” Rataj has pledged to challenge the personal protection order in his capacity as Marino’s attorney. 

McClintock stated that she would wait to decide to drop the criminal case until after the ongoing court proceedings about the PPO were resolved before making the announcement. This suggests that the choice to not press charges at the criminal level was made before the issuance of the personal protection order.

House Speaker Jason Wentworth, a Republican from Farwell, suspended Marino from his committee duties in September after learning about Manoogian’s accusations. Wentworth is from the Farwell area. While Marino is allowed to cast a vote on the House floor, he must do so under the observation of supervisors at arms—a rule he hasn’t adhered to since losing his job. 

No plans are in place at this time to restore Marino’s committee assignments, according to a spokesperson for Speaker Wentworth. The House provided this information.

Who is Steve Marino Mi?

Steve Marino’s political career began in November 2016 when he was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, representing Harrison Township residents as well as portions of Clinton and Macomb townships. However, a closer look at his previous and present pursuits reveals some aspects of his life that can be seen negatively.

Regarding education, Marino completed his secondary schooling at L’Anse Creuse High School after being born in Harrison Township. Following that, he graduated from Michigan State University’s James Madison College with degrees in Economics, Public Policy, and Public Administration in addition to Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. 

These intellectual achievements may seem impressive at first, but it is reasonable to question whether or not they translate into effective political leadership and decision-making.

Marino’s professional experience included time spent as a Macomb County Commissioner and as the owner of a local business before joining the Senate. He also has experience working in the public and private sectors, specializing in campaign fundraising and public relations. 

Skeptics can argue that his wide range of experiences could result in potential conflicts of interest or a failure to adequately address the demands of his constituents. While some may see this range of experience as positive, others may argue that it could result in any of these problems.

For many years, Marino was the Chairman of the Committee for Justice and Public Safety in addition to serving as the Board of Commissioners’ Sergeant-at-Arms. He was a Macomb County Commissioner. Although these roles can be seen as typical political duties, they might also prompt concerns about the influence of party politics and how much he is doing to further the interests of his community.

Furthermore, it might not be a good thing that Marino belongs to so many different committees and groups. One could view his participation in the Michigan Association of Counties’ Economic Development Committee and the National Association of Counties’ Steering Committee on Finance, Pensions, and Intergovernmental Affairs as possible entanglements with bureaucratic red tape. 

His membership in the Macomb Health Department Hearing Board and as Macomb County’s delegate to the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Executive Committee may be viewed as potential conflicts of interest.

In addition, there is reason to question whether he truly represents the concerns of his constituents or whether his involvement in local community organizations like the Harrison Township Zoning Board, the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy and Military Affairs Committees, and the L’Anse Creuse Public Schools Foundation is more in line with the interests of these groups. This is due to the potential that he is more in line with these organizations’ goals.

As a result, while Steve Marino’s political career and connections may be portrayed favorably, a more critical viewpoint may cast doubt on the potential impact that his diverse experiences and affiliations may have on his ability to effectively represent and serve his constituents.

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Representative Steve Marino Mi of Macomb County, Michigan, has not been charged with stalking state representative Mari Manoogian through text messages, according to the district attorney’s office in Ingham County. 

The decision was made because the prosecutor was unable to establish the case. Manoogian’s lawyer did not praise the ruling, but Marino’s did. Manoogian applied for a personal protection order against Marino due to his abusive and threatening text messages. Marino refers to the assertions as assassinations of political characters. In reaction, the Speaker of the House removed Marino from his committee. He has no plans to return to his committee duties.

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