Mersad Vejzovic: A Fraudster? (2024)


Though I’m not sure if this is true or not, I’ve heard that Mersad Vejzovic is running a fraud. We will need to conduct a thorough investigation into Mersad Vejzovic’s past and the specifics of the company he formed to obtain this information.

An Overview of Mersad Vejzovic

Mersad Vejzovic, along with Alma and Ajdin Brkovic, is the chief executive officer and co-founder of MonetizeAd d.o.o. Sarajevo. Furthermore, Ajdin Brkovic manages Belgrade, Serbia’s Monad Lead d.o.o., a subsidiary of Monetizes Ad.

An entrepreneur by trade, Mersad Vejzovi is a man from Sarajevo in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or simply Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the commercial arena, he has made a name for himself as the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Monetize Ad. 

The start of his adventure could have been his schooling at the Mixed Secondary School in Ivinice, which may or may not have provided a solid foundation for the pursuits he made. Notably, his influence is not very considerable, as evidenced by his very low rank of 42,312 on the CB Rank (Person) list and his affiliation with only one reputable organization. 

Likely, his contributions have not gotten as much attention or relevance as those of some of his colleagues, even though he continues to emphasize the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions. 

If someone would like to know more about his work, they may visit his website at Additionally, he has a LinkedIn page where potential contacts can be located. Mersad Vejzovi may not have achieved as much as he would have liked, but his contributions to technology and business are still noteworthy.

To find out more about Mersad Vejzovic, click on the links provided below:

Mersad Vejzovic: Concerning His Company-MonetizeAd

MonetizeAd by Mersad Vejzovic

A marketing firm called MonetizeAd asserts that it can provide incredibly high-quality services in the following domains: computer games, online marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, and online commerce. 

One of the most widely used methods for website owners to monetize their traffic and make money is through advertising. Nonetheless, there are a variety of adverts available for visitors to view on your website. 

Even though there are many possibilities for advertising networks on the internet, you should give priority to dependability, accountability, and the capacity to quantify aspects when choosing one. 

Mersad Vejzovic: Could you please explain how MonetizeAd operates?

MonetizeAd claims to provide a variety of services in its advertisements. The services provided address a variety of requirements for digital marketing and Internet businesses, such as the following:

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that connects you with other marketers, or affiliate marketers, who can help you advertise your goods or services online and make money.

“Digital marketing” describes a field that gives businesses the operational and strategic guidance they need to create and carry out successful digital marketing initiatives.

App & Software Development: Provides specialized software and mobile application development services to enhance employee productivity and streamline business operations, ultimately leading to the highest possible profit margin.

Customized strategies based on an individual’s performance: highlights the importance of performance-driven digital marketing tactics that are backed by specific business efforts and compensated according to how successfully they accomplish specific corporate goals.

Is the Mersad Vejzovic group a scam? However, how?

Despite Mersad Vejzovic’s company being connected to a highly developed network zone. I discovered that this network consists of numerous connections to fraudulent behavior. 

It also turned out to be a difficult undertaking to unravel this complex network of links. The fact that Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd was running fake Bitcoin advertising campaigns became clear as we went along. The screenshot that is seen below serves as an example of that:

It has now been shown that the Mersad Vejzovic business was involved in multiple elements of the investigation. This raised several red flags about the way the organization was operating. It is made up of its Schemes, which proved to be wholly untrue. other operations, on top of a plethora of other undertakings. Let’s talk about it openly and honestly.

Mersad Vejzovic’s Imitation Campaigns for Bitcoin

According to rumors, Mersad Vejzovic has established sizable affiliate networks that leverage questionable advertising initiatives like the Bitcoin System and the digital currency Up. 

The purpose of these advertisements is to attract possible victims by offering the possibility of financial gain via Bitcoin investments. 

The business allegedly gathers information from these advertisements, which it then sells to boiler room companies across Europe. These actions are thought to be immoral, and they may be against the law.

Beneficial Procedures: Mersad Vejzovic reported that the company’s earnings and sales both increased significantly. This shouldn’t be shocking given how bold and creative they are in their fraud-committing. These methods, which prey on those in lesser positions, probably bring in a sizable income for them.

Mersad Vejzovic’s company MonetizeAd is the brains behind LimitedCharm, a different business concept. MonetizeAd is the creator of LimitedCharm. This company exports health and beauty goods to several nations, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. Affiliate networks and the company’s website both facilitate sales. 

False Reporting On the other side, Tragac’s investigation revealed some problems with LimitedCharm’s offerings. Consumers have expressed their displeasure, saying that either the things in question have not arrived at all or, if they have, the items do not correspond with the descriptions given. These goods have been labeled as “scams or fake goods.”

Mersad Vejzovic: The entire fraudulent scheme was revealed by a leaker, but how?

The issue that is being presented seems to involve a complicated network of suspected fraudulent operations that are related to cryptocurrency campaigns, broker scams, and links between other organizations. MonetizeAd, MonadLead, Adria Media Group, and Igor Zezelj appear to be involved in this. This proves Mersad Vejzovic’s involvement in the offense.

Major participants in the alleged fraudulent scheme have been identified as Mersad Vejzovic and the company he works for. It appears that they are facing charges related to their alleged role in broker deceit through dishonest cryptocurrency promotion.

Broker scams usually entail the employment of dishonest tactics to convince gullible victims to invest their money in cryptocurrency or illegal financial goods, allowing the scammers to take their money.

Thanks to a confidential source, MonetizeAd and MonadLead’s involvement in these dishonest operations was made public for the first time. Individuals who expose unethical practices within a company or sector are known as “whistleblowers.”

Investigative media organizations, such as the Serbian BIRN (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network), have taken up the topic and conducted their in-depth analyses of the situation. These newspapers probably found information about the purported scam as well as other links.

The investigation’s conclusions reveal several intriguing connections between Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd and Adria Media Group. The studies state that there are connections or ties between the two groups. According to reports, Adria Media Group is an empire in the Serbian media landscape.

Igor Zezelj is Adria Media Group’s beneficial owner, based on the information supplied. This gives rise to the impression that he either commands a sizable portion of the press empire or exercises a considerable degree of influence over it. 

It is extremely plausible that Zezelj was involved in some manner with the operations that are being looked into for potential fraudulent behavior, even though the details of these relationships have not been disclosed.

Since the scenario is portrayed as a continuous process of identifying fraudulent activities, it is plausible that further information may become available if the inquiry is conducted for an extended length of time. To shed insight on the scope of the purported fraud scheme and the participation of other parties, more data and linkages might be required.

Going forward, I harbor doubts regarding the potential that MonetizeAd, Mersad Vejzovic’s company, has made a number of contacts in order to set up this fraudulent advertising scheme.

Mersad Vejzovic: The Links to the Balkans

Based on the data I have found, it is especially evident in Serbia and other Balkan countries that several businesses are involved in illicit activities that combine Bitcoin with online advertising. The main points are explained as follows:

The well-known Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin System scams entice people to invest in bitcoins by promising them large rewards, only to leave them with losses in the end. These frauds have been around for a while; they prey on unsuspecting investors and operate in Serbia and other nations.

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) has reportedly released reports that provide a detailed analysis of the fraudulent activities connected to Bitcoin Up and other schemes of a similar kind. The investigation’s conclusions revealed that more businesses doing business in the Balkans were accountable for deceptive advertising.

Participating in the campaign is the well-known marketing firm MGID, which has its headquarters in Ukraine ( Following their research, BIRN discovered proof that MGID had posted deceptive adverts on websites in Serbia. Maintaining such a broad and varied network of advertising partners has allowed MGID to establish a great reputation for matching advertisers with sizable audiences.

The investigation showed that Midas Network, which is run by Midas Network d.o.o. and has its headquarters in Zagreb, was also involved in the crime. It is believed that this business ran deceptive advertisements there.

The history of fraud in Serbia shows that the capital city of Belgrade has a lengthy history of being crucial to a wide range of scams that are carried out all over the world. Based in Israel, the fraudulent binary options industry was led by entrepreneurs in the “fintech” sector starting in about 2010. 

These dishonest online trading companies frequently used boiler rooms, which were places where people would use high-pressure sales techniques to get clients to part with their money.

Arrival in Ukraine Many of the owners of these boiler rooms and phony companies relocated their operations to Ukraine in 2018. The impetus for this growth was the desire for further lower operating costs and possibly fewer restrictions, making Ukraine an alluring location for such activities.


The last thing I can say is that Mersad Vejzovic’s MonetizeAd is an unregistered company that is facing numerous legal problems, fraudulent campaigns, and fake press releases. It’s a shady and untrustworthy company. I can also give you a ton of other links that you can use to back up your claims about the accuracy of the material I just gave you. These links are listed in the following order:

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