Nicholas Zappas Fitness: A Fraud? (2024)


The arrest and subsequent charges of insurance fraud and perjury brought legal troubles for Orange County, California sheriff’s officer Nicholas Zappas Fitness. According to the allegations, Zappas continued to engage in strenuous physical activity, such as CrossFit sessions, without alerting his physicians, although he was under medical instructions to refrain from lifting more than ten pounds owing to injuries he incurred on the job. It was via the use of video footage that his acts were brought to light, which ultimately led to his arrest and the accompanying legal proceedings.

An incident that occurred at work resulted in Zappas, a veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, filing a claim for workers’ compensation so that he might get compensation for injuries to his shoulder, neck, and lower back. It has been stated that he continued to engage in CrossFit routines, which include exercises that use just one’s body weight as well as weightlifting, even though he was assigned a desk job to accommodate his physical restrictions.

Prosecution accusations of insurance fraud and perjury were brought against him as a result of his refusal to disclose his physical activity and he claimed false statements made under oath during a deposition. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has confirmed that Zappas has been arrested and has charged him with several counts of each violation. If he is found guilty, he could face a lengthy jail sentence.

In addition to bringing to light the terrible repercussions of insurance fraud and perjury, this case also raises ethical problems regarding the practice of performing physical activities that are contrary to the advice of medical professionals while claiming injuries sustained on the job. The resolution of this legal action may have repercussions not only for Zappas but also for the fitness community and the legal system as a whole.

Zappas Nicholas: A Brief Overview

An entrepreneur from Dana Point, California named Nicholas Zappas Fitness is the Founder and Owner of two different businesses: Peaceful Warrior Jiu Jitsu and Fitness and Lion Shield Protection. Among his academic credentials is a degree from the University of Phoenix. Nicholas’s work as an EMT, lifeguard, and prosperous business owner has also helped him to refine his abilities.

Prosecutors claim that Zappas participated in strenuous CrossFit workouts, a demanding type of exercise, from May to November 2015. They claimed he did exercises like box jumps and squats, and that he lifted weights more than 200 pounds, going beyond the limits set by his physicians.

Zappas faced charges of perjury under oath on seven counts and insurance fraud on eleven. A maximum sentence of 16 years in jail is applied to these counts. 

UniCourt lawsuit against Nicholas Zappas Fitness: 

On November 6, 2018, Tamara Flores filed a complaint for a motor vehicle personal injury case against Nicholas Zappas and Nicholas B. Zappas, according to UniCourt records. In Orange, California, at the Orange County Central Justice Center, a lawsuit was filed.

The action was brought at Orange, California’s Orange County Central Justice Center.

In addition to the case status being stated as “Not Classified By Court,” which indicates that the court has not yet given an opinion or taken any action on the case, the case synopsis lacks particular facts.

The case statement omits certain data, and the status of the case is “Not Classified By Court,” meaning that the court has not yet given a classification or taken any other action regarding it. The case names Nicholas Zappas and Nicholas B. Zappas as defendants, and Tamara Flores as the plaintiff. It’s unclear if the lawsuits are directed against these two people collectively or at each individual.

It is unclear if the lawsuits are directed against each of these two individuals or at the same person. Banner Attorneys, an attorney practice that focuses on personal injury lawsuits, is representing the plaintiff. Conversely, the law firm Raffalow, Bretoi, Lutz & Stele, which does not specify whether it specializes in any particular area of law, is representing the defendants.

Conversely, Raffalow, Bretoi, Lutz & Stele, an unidentified law practice that may or may not focus on a certain field of the law, is the firm representing the defendants.

About the specifics of the car accident that resulted in the lawsuit or the circumstances surrounding the personal injury claim, there is no information at this time. It provides the case number.

The number for the case is given.

The court has not yet assigned a classification to the case or taken any further action, thus it is still in its early phases. The course of the case, any new information on the plaintiff’s allegations against the defendant or defendants, and the lawsuit’s verdict should all be entertaining to watch.   


As a result, the arrest and accusations brought against Orange County, California sheriff’s officer Nicholas Zappas Fitness highlight the grave repercussions of both insurance fraud and perjury. The ethical implications of exercising against medical advice when filing a claim for occupational injuries are brought up in this case. In addition to the fitness industry, the judicial system is likely to be affected by the case’s conclusion. There are also unanswered issues surrounding Nicholas Zappas Fitness’ involvement in a different litigation involving a personal injury claim involving a motor vehicle.

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